Talent Management

Grow the talent that grows your business.

With HR talent management software from Workday, you can invest in your talent from day one, align teams to key objectives, and develop tomorrow’s leaders.

HR Software for Talent Management Hero

Evaluate who should be developed for leadership.

See your team’s progress toward organizational goals.

Get a snapshot of your team’s talent metrics.

Identify who has succession plans and who’s at risk.

Give new hires a strong start.

Workday Onboarding gives you everything new hires need to hit the ground running.

  • Welcome new employees with tailored messages, assigned mentors, and required learning videos—accessible from a single dashboard.
  • Automate new-hire processes and start building talent profiles from day one.
  • Seamless cross-boarding helps internal and international transfers acclimate faster.

Understand your workforce.

With the help of the Skills Cloud and pulse surveys, you gain insight into where your people excel and the kind of experience they’re having.

  • Simplify skills language for candidates, employees, recruiters, managers, and HR.
  • Help employees identify current and related skills, and suggest skills based on their profile.
  • Measure company culture and show employees you’re listening with regular surveys.

Align your team with high-level objectives.

  • Configure goals and reviews to meet your organization’s needs.
  • Foster continual performance conversations between employees and managers with check-ins.
  • Assess potential with calibrated talent reviews and create tailored plans for development.
  • Identify retention risks and pinpoint contributing factors.

Help employees plan their career.

  • Empower employees to proactively manage goals and explore internal career moves.
  • Let employees specify career, development, and mentorship preferences.
  • Allow employees to request feedback, both in Workday and in the collaboration workspaces they use most.
  • Show internal opportunities  to those looking to expand skills and experiences with Talent Marketplace.

Be ready for what’s next.

  • Anticipate leadership gaps and create succession pools across teams, organizations, and borders.
  • Assign the right succession strategy for a given role.
  • Monitor successor readiness, flight risk, and the health of your succession pipeline.
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