Talent Marketplace

Match employees to the right opportunities.

Seamlessly connect the skills and interests of your employees with the right internal opportunities. With Workday Talent Marketplace, you can fill your key projects and execute on business goals while keeping your people engaged.

Talent Marketplace Callout

Match talent to opportunities with machine learning.

Find projects that drive employee engagement and reduce turnover.

Understand the skills and interests of your workforce.

Support employee development.

Your employees are your greatest resource. Support their career growth by connecting their skills and interests to to new opportunities that allow them to shine.

  • Centrally view and search all available gigs, projects, and opportunities.
  • Leverage machine learning to recommend opportunities to employees.
  • Empower workers to enhance their skills profiles.
  • Provide feedback and skill endorsements to your staff.


Quickly fill projects that drive business success.

  • Create and manage short-term opportunities.
  • Promote opportunities to engage your employees’ interest.
  • View recommended candidates for new opportunities.