Workforce Planning

Plan for the skills you need today and tomorrow.

Workforce planning dashboard showing bar graphs for skills analysis.

What You Can Do

Build workforce plans as agile as your business.

To keep up with business priorities and uncover new opportunities, you need planning that can keep pace. 

That’s why Workday Adaptive Planning empowers HR, finance, and business leaders to collaboratively plan—and quickly put those plans into action.


  • Strategic workforce planning
  • Head-count planning
  • Compensation planning
  • Skills planning
  • Talent planning
  • Talent acquisition planning

“As we see our business scaling around the world, I see our workforce planning environment scaling along with it.”

Plan for what’s next with deep insight.

Planning your workforce takes a lot of data—and an understanding of what the data means. We help you make sense of it all to uncover rich, actionable insights.

Workforce planning dashboard showing graphs and numerical information regarding headcount.
인원수에 관한 그래프와 수치 정보를 보여주는 인력 계획 대시보드
Know your workforce, inside and out.

Take stock of transfers, planned hires, skills, attrition, part-time versus full-time, contingent workers, and more.

Identify areas for opportunity or uncover concerning trends before they grow into larger issues.

Monitor and analyze costs, see unfilled positions, and break down your workforce geographically—all using easy-to-use dashboards.

인력에 대한 완벽한 이해

이동, 계획된 채용, 스킬, 감소, 파트타임 대비 정규직, 임시고용직 등을 검토합니다.

기회 영역을 발굴하고, 우려되는 추세가 더 큰 문제로 발전하기 전에 밝혀냅니다.

사용이 간편한 대시보드를 사용하여 비용을 모니터링 및 분석하고, 미충원 포지션을 확인하고, 인력 구성을 지리적으로 세분화합니다.

Two people climbing pie charts.

Model all kinds of workforce scenarios.

Model virtually anything by department, cost center, level, location, position, skills, and more—and map it to how you run your business.

You can also compare multiple scenarios in real time to forecast what could happen next, predict impact, and choose the best plan from there.

Reduced staffing forecast variances from 20 percent to 2 percent.

Make the right hiring decisions—together.

Provide insights.

Give your team current and forecasted data as well as metrics for recruiting, training, transfers, and attrition.

Plan as a team.

Model and share what-if scenarios to plan whether to build, borrow, or buy the talent you need.

Stay aligned.

Sync your workforce and financial plans, see real-time impact of updates, and work together to adjust variances.

Workforce planning screen showing recruiting dashboard with numerical information for hires and talent pool.

계획 실행

필요한 계획을 모두 수립하셨습니까? 이제 실행에 옮길 때입니다. 채용 팀이 후보자를 검색할 수 있도록 Workday HCM에 승인된 포지션을 게시하기만 하면 됩니다. 그런 다음 채용 팀이 어떻게 채용 계획을 실행하고 필요에 따라 조정하는지를 모니터링하세요.

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