Workday Compensation:
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Compensation management dashboard showing organization summary with overall budget and spend.


Define a compensation program that’s just right.

With compensation management software from Workday, you get a single system that pays off big. Every team across the organization can take part in compensation review and access the information they need to set the right rewards for their people.

  • Pay equity dashboards
  • Compensation analysis tools
  • Total rewards statements
  • Compensation review
  • Sales incentive compensation
  • Executive compensation
Compensation summary screen

Reward employees, together.

Now administrators and managers can collaborate on the merit process, while gaining insights to inform decisions at every step. And we provide all the configurations you need to define merit awards, from bonuses to stock plans and more.

Craft the mix that matters most.

Create a marketable mix that attracts and keeps your best talent. Workday allows you to combine compensation components from regular pay to merit, bonus, and stock.

Design programs that work for your workforce.

Setting compensation isn’t a one-size-fits-all endeavor. That’s why we give you the flexibility to create compensation programs that meet the varying needs of your people. Configure many compensation elements, including:

  • Grades
  • Packages
  • Plans
  • Eligibility rules

Our customers reduced end-to-end compensation planning cycles by 80%.

Total rewards statement on a mobile phone.

Provide total insight into total rewards.

Our total rewards statements let you show your employees the full value of their rewards. And unlike many vendors, this feature is included as part of Workday Compensation.

Deliver greater transparency.

Include both comp and benefits.

Educate your workforce.

View statements on-demand.

People analyzing survey data.

An easier approach to compensation surveys.

Simplify how you prepare and submit survey data to vendors. With Workday, you can maintain compensation surveys, job surveys, and job matching—all in one dashboard.

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