A foundation for deeper financial insight.

Discovery board for finance showing graph for non-compensation expenses trending.


Uncover insights at the speed business demands.

Go beyond the basics of financial reporting.

We embed reporting and analytics into our core financial management system, making it easy for you to look at data from any angle and provide strategic advice to the business.

  • Real-time analytics
  • Enterprise-wide secure distribution
  • Delivered and custom dashboards
  • Drill down and drill across
  • Formatted financial and statutory reports
  • Financial benchmarks

Analytics, transactions, and reporting—all in one.

Financial executive scorecard showing revenue and cash flow.
Analyze and act.

Provide adjustments, edits, updates, or feedback the instant that analysis is performed and insights are uncovered.

Analyze any business dimension across finance, HR, and payroll to understand everything about your business.

View consolidated financial results with automated eliminations, translations, and earnings anytime.

Quickly produce formatted financial statements and statutory reports, highlighting what needs attention.

“Mobile access provides instant visibility into scorecards and data.”

Quickly share trusted information.

Only Workday gives you a single security model so you can provide insights in a seamless, secure way. Set up role-based security once, create reports and visualizations, then share them.

Aon gained better insight into its global business.

Bring all your data together for a complete view.

Burst reports by roles and org hierarchies.

Access insights on web, mobile, or tablet.

People see only what they’re supposed to see.

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you live fast.

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