Augmented Analytics

Make better people decisions, faster.

People Analytics dashboard showing female diversity and inclusion trends and gaps.


Discover critical workforce opportunities.

Powered by augmented analytics, Workday People Analytics surfaces and explains key insights you may have otherwise missed. 

Insights are prioritized, tailored to your role, and paired with narrative explanations so you can confidently make critical workforce decisions.

  • Tailored and prioritized insights
  • Natural language “story” generation
  • Automated insight discovery
  • Anomaly identification

Quickly focus your efforts.

Provide business leaders with secure and personalized insights about their top opportunities and risks. Workday prioritizes these insights for you:

  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Organization composition
  • Retention and attrition
  • Hiring
  • Talent and performance
  • KPIs

Make sense of your employee data.

The problem with data today isn’t having access to it. It’s knowing what to focus on and how to understand what the data is telling you. That’s where we come in.

People analytics dashboard showing turnover trends.
Get the story, not just a number.

We pair each workforce insight with a “story,” told in natural language that everyone can understand. This allows your teams to make better sense of data and act on it.

We surface the top three business questions across all customers. This way, you can keep an eye on what matters most.

Spend less time searching through data by automating insights discovery. Then export insights into slides for collaboration or into discovery boards for more analysis.

Dig deeper into any insight to uncover what’s driving that trend. You can even identify a specific employee linked to a driver and go directly into their profile to take immediate action.

"Workday People Analytics will show you areas that are often small enough to slip through company-wide analysis that, if acted upon, would greatly improve the metrics on a macro level.”

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