Achieve your sustainability and ESG goals.

Workday delivers key people and finance insights to help you stay on top of your environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives and reporting. And the best part? Our ESG solutions are built into our system—no extra tools needed.



Doing right has never been more important.

We’ve been committed to ESG since day one. That includes partnering with organizations on their ESG goals and helping them meet stakeholder and regulatory expectations. Learn more about our climate commitments in this video.



Source sustainably.

How do your suppliers impact your organization’s corporate sustainability? Our supplier sustainability solution helps you measure and analyze the carbon impact of your supply chain, calculate emissions, and engage with suppliers on sustainability.


Survey suppliers for science-based targets and carbon footprint.

Calculate scope 3 emissions and capture scope 1 and 2 emissions.

Analyze supplier sustainability with prebuilt reports and third-party ratings.

Reduce emissions and manage climate risk.

Working toward net-zero emissions starts with planning. With Workday Adaptive Planning and built-in solutions from Deloitte, you can measure the impact of climate risk on your business and plan for carbon reduction.


Understand where material emissions come from.

Model the impact of emissions reduction initiatives.

Automate emissions reporting to track your progress.

Report on your social impact.

Today, everyone wants to know the good you’re doing in the world. Workday delivers straightforward dashboards and configurable reports to make social reporting for ESG easy. Combine this with our VIBE™ approach to further your social impact and make more progress on belonging and diversity.

screen shot of social reporting for ESG

Understand your workforce composition.

Measure workforce diversity by race, age, and more.

Report on workforce investment, including compensation.

Together, we can do a world of good.