How finance can navigate uncertainty.

With so many unknowns, CFOs must steer their organizations down the right path, balancing investments for tomorrow while containing costs today. Let’s take a look at how technology can help.

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Moving forward in times of change.

Being able to easily model the future, adjust plans, and quickly course-correct is essential for adapting to changing conditions. 

Watch our extended demos to learn how you can plan for the future and take action using Workday.  

Demos you’ll see:

Modeling what-if scenarios

Stress-testing cash positions

Assessing vendor performance

Making policy changes

“We quickly shifted our attention from an annual budgeting process to a monthly forecast at the local cost center location in just 4 days with Workday Adaptive Planning.”


Driving value from data.

Your ability to respond to change is only as good as the insights your data unlocks. Get real-time visibility to make critical business decisions.

Cash management dashboard showing month-end cash positions, prior day cash balances, tasks, reports, and bank fees.
Understand how much cash and working capital you really have.

Visibility into cash and liquidity are essential to your organization’s success. Learn how to gain insight into working capital and fund your most pressing business initiatives.


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Multiple data sources can make it hard to analyze performance, delaying critical decisions. See how Workday brings all your data together.


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Undertake scenario planning to forecast potential impacts and provide thoughtful and appropriate communication—and do it all ahead of regularly scheduled earnings reports.


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In the face of supplier disruptions, you need deep insights to assess your supply base. Hear how Workday uses sourcing and procurement to ensure continued operation and delivery, supplier stability, and financial resilience.


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Staying effective even while remote.

Reliability and effectiveness cannot be a casualty of remote work. With an enterprise cloud application from Workday, our customers are able to process payroll, manage the close, and audit from anywhere.

For a deeper dive into how Workday can help you take on specific challenges, view our extended demos.

Demos you’ll see:

Delivering critical finance services remotely

Ensuring effective internal controls and remote audit

Processing payroll and relief programs

Assessing critical supplier data

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