Tiket transforms HR, speeding up decision-making.

“With Workday, I can make faster and effective decisions with access to information in real time.”—Chief People Officer

Delivered workforce reports in real time

Empowered to make data-driven business decisions

Freed up time for strategic initiatives

Increased employee personalization

Tiket.com’s goal is to become the most consumer-centric online travel agency in Indonesia, simplifying tourism with technology. With millennials making up a large percentage of its workforce, expectations for integrating technology in the workplace are high. 

However, employee and business data were siloed, and analysis was done using spreadsheets. With 17 million users to date, Tiket.com knew it was time to transform HR and financial management to meet expectations and support rapid growth.

We had to extract data from different systems to compile HR reports, which caused inaccuracy and delays.

Chief People Officer

Innovation and a smooth interface for staff engagement.

Tiket.com assessed proposals from several vendors before choosing Workday. Unlike the other vendors, Workday offered a strong partnership and the promise of twice-yearly updates, highlighting a commitment to innovation. Chief People Officer Dudi Arisandi recalls, “Workday brought a team of senior executives to meet us and fully understand our needs, whereas the competition came with a few junior staff members.”

The Workday application was also more intuitive compared with the competition. Finding data in Workday and accessing the system on multiple devices were simpler. “The seamlessness of Workday’s system was apparent,” says Dudi. “We knew it would help increase employee engagements as the business continues to grow.”

Data-driven decisions in real time.

With Workday, Tiket.com gains a combined view of HR and financial information and is more agile in making decisions. The company had planned to hire 60 additional IT staff but wasn’t sure if this was the right strategy and if that many staff were needed. After pulling the latest workforce and financial information from Workday, it realized it needed no more than 15 people and had the data in Workday to back that up.

Dudi says, “Before I would have needed a week to produce a report like this, working overtime to make sure the data was correct. With Workday, I can make faster and effective decisions with access to information in real time.”

Workday offers HR a way to be data-driven and faster and personalize communications for greater staff connections.

Chief People Officer

Automation supports strategic workforce management.

Tiket.com has been able to automate HR, finance, and planning processes, freeing up time to work on strategy. Says HRIS Lead Indra Setiawan, “We can see everything from candidate applications to job offers, promotions, and transfers in Workday. There are no more emails with forms to fill.”

Automated processes leave Tiket.com with more time to focus on recruitment and talent management strategy. “I can understand the distribution of employees by gender, for example, and where we are recruiting from. I can see who resigned and why, without needing to ask anyone. This quantitative and qualitative data in Workday helps us make decisions to support our goals,” he adds.

Workday is a comprehensive system that can support us with its dynamic processes.


Personalization helps overcome pandemic.

When COVID-19 struck and the business moved to a remote working environment, it was crucial for employees to stay connected. Thanks to Workday, Tiket.com was able to do so—with a level of personalization enabled through easy access to employee data.

The pandemic also inspired the HR team to digitize processes that led to immediate results. Explains Dudi, “We put compensation plans in Workday and no longer spend one to two weeks compiling information. We’re much faster at getting information to staff during this time.”

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