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“Workday allows us to work from home and process payroll remotely at the same level of productivity.”—Senior Director, HR

Setting up new absence policy takes hours instead of weeks

Reduced time and effort of running reports

Increased accuracy in payroll processing

Accelerated error resolution by HR and payroll teams

Prime Therapeutics’ (Prime) mission is to make health care work better by helping people get the medicine they need to feel better and live well. However, the unreliable, on-premises software Prime used to manage timekeeping for its workforce did not offer the kind of productive, smooth user experience that could help advance this goal. A mission-critical tool was too hard to use and administer. Any process or policy change, no matter how large or small, required significant resources and time and could require weeks or even months of waiting. The HR team’s only options for resolving errors in payroll processing, time tracking, and assisting business stakeholders involved inefficient and manual processes.

Workday is so hassle-free, easy, and intuitive. We can respond to change quickly and make system adjustments on our own.

Senior Director, HR

Empowering HR and delivering a great user experience.

The Prime HR operations team no longer hears from users about frustratingly common issues related to payroll, time tracking, or system performance. Kelly Miller, senior director of HR says, “The Workday user experience has been a huge leap forward for us.” For both hourly and salaried employees, time tracking and time-off requests have been smooth and simple since the deployment. Workday frees up HR team members’ time for more valuable work instead of administrative and data-processing tasks. 

Prime focuses on cross-training HR resources on new Workday capabilities. It’s part of the company’s professional growth path and helps avoid gaps following promotions or departures. The benefits of Workday for Prime multiply the more people learn about what they can do. “It’s great to have the continuity and consistency Workday allows,” says Miller. “If you know one functional area within Workday, you can quickly learn others, because they are intuitive and have similar foundational functionality.”

Integrations advance HR productivity.

Workday Payroll and Workday Time Tracking help Prime accomplish more. Consolidated management of payroll processing and other activities makes these processes more efficient and reduces errors and discrepancies. ““Just having time tracking and payroll within Workday and not making calculations based on a file from an external system are big improvements,” says Miller. “Instead of dealing with timecard fire drills every Monday morning, with Workday, the payroll team can focus on auditing to improve payroll accuracy and other ways to support the business.”

Agility, speed, and productivity anywhere.

Real-time insight from Workday allows HR to provide prompt, meaningful workforce and payroll reporting to meet emerging business requirements long before they turn into requests from business groups. When changes in reporting or other processes are needed, Workday Administrators can make them quickly and on their own, without waiting for vendor assistance or writing code. That kind of easy flexibility is invaluable when you need to make it possible for everybody to work productively from home. Miller says, “95 percent of us now work remotely. Workday allows us to work from home and process payroll remotely at the same level of productivity.” 

During the protests and social unrest that unfolded in Minneapolis, where Prime is headquartered, the company wanted to give employees time to volunteer. “It only took us two days to update our benefits in Workday to give people an extra paid day off and share the news with everybody,” Miller describes. “In the past, setting up a new time and payroll code would have been much more time-consuming.”

With Workday, the payroll team can focus on auditing to improve payroll accuracy and other ways to support the business.

Senior Director, HR

Empowering people to achieve more.

Not only has the HR organization as a whole assumed a greater strategic role, but individual contributors also have time to grow their skills and accomplish more. Miller is strengthening her team’s talent analytics expertise, aiming to help the company manage talent more proactively. A one-time administrator of the legacy software found training to sharpen her analytical skills and was promoted to a principal analytics role. “Workday helps us become better at what we do,” says Miller. “We mentored another team member, who was a more junior professional, through the deployment. Now he’s a subject matter expert on time tracking.”

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