illimity puts the ‘right tech in the right place’ to achieve its goals.

How illimity Bank is leveraging Workday to deliver a simple and engaging digital experience for all internal and external audiences.

Simpler, more streamlined processes.

Straightforward, intuitive reporting at every level.

Accelerated integration of acquired businesses.

When illimity launched in 2018, it was as a bank without the constraints or limitations of traditional systems. Instead, it aimed to embrace and benefit from cutting-edge best practice at every level. 

And according to Vera Senzottera, Head of HR Tech and Talent Acquisition,  it knew from the very start that having the right tech in place would be central to achieving this—internally as well as externally. As she says, “We were right to select Workday: the completeness of the suite supports us in the management of an organization that has grown exponentially in the last three years.”

Workday immediately understood our needs and integrated the best technologies into our systems.

Vera Senzottera, Head of HR Tech and Talent Acquisition

Supporting everybody’s professional development.

“One of our priorities is to guarantee all customers a simple and engaging digital experience,” says Vera Senzottera. “Following the same logic, we wanted to give all our own people a tool that could effectively support everybody’s professional development while ensuring simpler and more streamlined processes that make the experience both engaging and appealing. That tool is Workday.”

She is quick to emphasize the platform’s role in the company’s success. “It’s the system that contains, processes and manages a fundamental company asset—our people, who have always been at the heart of every initiative.

“It gives us all the data we need to make the most of our human capital and helps with important and complex processes such as performance assessment and talent development.”

Comprehensive data enables analysis at every level.

Vera Senzottera emphasizes that Workday has become illimity’s perfect partner: “They immediately understood our needs and successfully integrated the best technologies into our systems.” 

And it continues to prove itself every day.

“It enables us to respond to company dynamics every day, both at an organizational and an individual basis,” she says. “It gives us comprehensive data to support analysis at every level, helping us learn more about our people and our customers. Its simple and intuitive reporting enables us to monitor the right KPIs, allowing us to react promptly and sometimes proactively to new market challenges.”

Comprehensive suite supports exponential growth.

The company adopted the entire Workday suite immediately to support its ambitions in every area, including its aggressive growth strategy.

According to Vera Senzottera, “The completeness of the suite supports us in the management of an organization that’s experienced exponential growth over the last three years.

“We’re an ambitious company that’s made strategic acquisitions over the years. Using Workday has enabled us to accelerate the process of integrating these newly acquired organizations into the growing banking group.”

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