Genpact consolidates its data for better insight into client engagements.

“Workday has helped Genpact rethink the future.”—VP Finance, Corporate Controller

Reduced the number of systems from 12 to 1

Delivered accurate data back to the business

Provided quicker access to data and automated reporting processes

Donald Klunk, corporate controller at Genpact, discusses the challenges the company had with inaccurate data and inefficient processes. Genpact’s previous HR solutions made it difficult to get accurate people data and provide essential information back to the business quickly. As Genpact began to think about a new HR solution, it also wondered how adding a new financial solution could help if there were one source of data.

With Workday, Genpact is able to:

  • Bring data and insight into one place to get information back to the business quickly
  • Determine the profitability of client engagements
  • Reduce the costs and resources needed to maintain multiple systems
  • Eliminate systems and automate processes to improve the efficiency and speed of reporting

The reason we are implementing Workday is so we can bring insight into one place that will help us determine profitability of client engagements.

VP Finance, Corporate Controller

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