Catawiki invests in an agile system to stay ahead of growth.

“Having financial and people-related data in one place that has continuous and easy-to-consume innovation was what we wanted.” —Group Controller

Standardized auditing and streamlined processes

Faster decision-making and empowered employees

Improved partnerships between finance and the organization

Enhanced agility and the elimination of siloed systems

When Catawiki launched in 2008, the start-up used separate systems in HR and Finance. Rapid growth toward becoming an SME challenged its existing business model and an increase in headcount to keep up with this growth left Finance having to work with fragmented data and manual processes. Catawiki knew it had to invest in new technologies to better serve the customers with quality products and stay ahead of the curve.

We are closing in four days, with the same finance team and with a company almost doubling in size.

Geert Van der Heijden, Catawiki Group Controller

A system that scales with the business.

Catawiki needed an agile system to support its business and help it respond to new markets and business needs. Catawiki Group Controller Geert Van der Heijden says, “Having financial and people-related data in one place that has continuous and easy-to-consume innovation was what we wanted.”

Simplicity, security, mobility, and adaptability.

Catawiki wanted a single application that put users at the center. Workday provided a cloud-based system across the organization, enabling the company to standardize processes and increase efficiency. Additionally, the mobile accessibility in Workday simplified tasks for the largely remote workforce. Catawiki’s fast expansion made it essential to make the right strategic decisions at the right time, with all the supporting data. Workday has been able to answer its needs.

Scaling to support growth.

Workday scales with Catawiki, supporting its growth and expansion into other countries. Accounting and Finance have the data they need, with standardized auditing and streamlined processes. Catawiki benefits from faster decision-making, empowered employees, improved partnerships between Finance and the organization, lower operation costs, improved agility, and the elimination of siloed systems.

Innovation and insight to last.

Workday Financial Management and Workday Human Capital Management have provided Catawiki with insight into its overall costs. Audits are now easier, thanks to the control and governance capabilities built into the core system. Catawiki can also now rely on continuous innovation to keep finance and HR on the latest version of the system without costly upgrades.

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