Professional Services Automation

Streamline professional services – from bid to billing.

Workday Professional Services Automation (PSA) supports the complete billable projects life cycle – all within a single, unified solution delivered in the cloud.

Workday Professional Services software hero

View P&L to understand revenue by customer, project, worker, and more.

Assess project portfolio health and get real-time insight into projects requiring action.

Stay on top of unstaffed billable positions to keep projects on track and avoid revenue leakage.

Capture utilisation in real time to provide immediate visibility to over- and underutilised resources.

Manage the full workforce life cycle in one system.

Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) streamlines workflows for the recruiting, staffing, development, and retention of your most valuable resource – your people.

  • Use data from Workday HCM to staff contingent or full-time talent based on skills, competencies, job profile, past project performance, and more.
  • Enable superior portfolio and project planning with demand forecasting and utilisation reports.
  • Find the right talent for your project at the right time – with full visibility into worker availability.
  • Arm recruiters, resource managers, and project managers with a single source of truth, including mobile project management, time and expense tracking, and approvals.
  • Improve the retention and progression of your high-potential employees with Workday career and development planning.

Optimise your workforce with predictive talent insights.

Talent retention is crucial for today’s competitive, fast-paced billable service organisations. Stay ahead of the curve with worker performance, projects, skills, and goals for a holistic view of predictive talent insights. 

  • Follow consultants as they complete projects and then track skill acquisition to improve staffing decisions and reduce attrition.
  • Minimise ongoing recruiting and onboarding costs by retaining and promoting your organisation’s best and brightest talent.
  • Harness big data and machine learning to predict overall workforce attrition and identify high performers at risk.
  • Take specific actions recommended by Workday to retain your key staff resources.

Staff projects quickly and easily.

Enable resource managers to define resource requirements and then shop for talent within or outside of their organisation with the powerful Workday faceted search capabilities. 

  • Stay on top of project budget and resource needs with weekly project-level resource forecasts. 
  • Utilise employee profiles to staff projects based on internal or contingent worker skill inventories, competencies, and past project performance.
  • Easily link unstaffed job openings to job requisitions for external fulfilment.
  • Quickly compare workers for a project by experience, qualifications, location, and costing rate.
  • Staff teams with available, qualified workers and account for workers on PTO or leave of absence, or assigned to another project.

Maximise project profitability and business efficiencies.

Optimise project delivery, resource utilisation, financial operations, metrics, and reporting with a single, unified PSA system for all billable resources and operational workers. With Workday Financial Management Connector for Salesforce, integrate opportunity management data from to Workday for streamlined, configurable, quote-to-cash process automation.

  • Enhance visibility and decision-making with unified services resource planning (SRP).
  • Maximise profitability by aligning projects and work plans with your organisation’s strategic goals and talent.
  • Enable project managers to forecast demand, create project budgets, and plan work with resource pools, work plans, and project hierarchies.
  • Manage project booking status, timelines, milestones, and status updates from any device at any time.

Automate billing and revenue recognition. 

Workday PSA is unified with Workday Financial Management for more accurate customer billing, revenue recognition, margin and profitability analysis, and financial reporting.

  • Automate project billing with multidimensional billing rate sheets, configurable rules, and rate tables. 
  • Configure billing rate rules to capture discounts, expense caps, and time restrictions. 
  • Invoice your customer based on transaction, milestone, or instalment. 
  • Price resources flexibly according to your business needs.
  • Facilitate margin and profitability analysis, financial reporting, and accounting.


Meet the demands of a mobile workforce.

Equip your global, mobile workforce with project management, time tracking, and expense entry capabilities.

  • Provide anytime, anywhere access to mobile time sheets and expense reports, enabling a faster, more efficient reimbursement cycle.
  • Support multijurisdiction taxation in Workday Payroll to reduce administrative errors and manual adjustments.
  • View always-updated mobile information on a project’s progress, time cost, and spend, as well as the project plan, resource plan, and associated risks.
  • Manage a project while on the road, making edits to project progress, altering start and end dates, marking tasks as complete, communicating with your team, and more.
  • Arm managers with always-current dashboards and built-in analytics including bookings, profitability, resource demand and more. 

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