An intuitive solution for today’s procurement professionals.

More than just a goods and services acquisition tool, Workday Procurement is a comprehensive indirect spend management application that is truly user-friendly and modern. And with multidimensional reporting and analytics, you gain real-time visibility into spending trends across your organisation.

Procurement & spend management software hero

Gain real-time visibility into supplier invoice status, and resolve match exceptions when they occur.

Drill deeper into supplier spend straight from the report – all the way down to individual line items.

Take direct action on invoices that require immediate attention to maximise productivity.

Comprehensive indirect spend management.

From the requisition process through to payment, Workday Procurement extends Workday Financial Management and Workday Human Capital Management by supporting and managing the information, policies, and processes for the acquisition of goods and services.

  • Store and access all of your suppliers, supplier contracts, and supplier catalogues from one place to streamline the entire P2P process.
  • Punch-out to the supplier website or supplier network of your choice to access a very broad, open community of suppliers.
  • Establish consistency and gain real-time visibility into spending trends across your organisation.
  • Configure approval workflows and spend freezes for better control over spend before it occurs.

Share the love with your suppliers.

Extend the Workday experience to your suppliers through the supplier portal and increase process efficiency.

  • Enable suppliers to maintain key information such as address and settlement banking instructions.
  • Choose the preferred supplier for purchase items using predefined requisition sourcing rules to automatically source requisitions to purchase orders.
  • Manage the RFQ process for standardised goods and services, and streamline the award process to quickly realise cost savings.

All the goodness of Workday reporting and analytics embedded in procurement.

Workday Procurement provides organisations with insight into spending trends to help strategically manage cost, minimise out-of-policy spend, and support growth initiatives.

  • Gain visibility into spending trends that have the greatest impact on your organisation.
  • Analyse spend and take action directly from the Workday Procurement dashboard.
  • Use with Workday Inventory to gain visibility into the entire materials management process to optimise stock levels and better control costs.

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