A smarter way to manage expense reporting.

Your workforce can now easily capture, submit, and approve expense reports – at work or on the go – with an intuitive expense management solution. The result? Lower costs, improved accounting accuracy, and faster reimbursements.

Expense management & tracking software hero

Start an expense report with new or existing expense items on your mobile device.

See visual alerts when out-of-policy spending must be addressed.

Stay in the know throughout the expense approval process.

Review and approve expense reports on the go.

Simplify expense management.

Workday allows you to automate your expense management processes in a single system, making it easy for your people to report expenses and for you to control spend.

  • Minimise administrative work by leveraging employee data and security policies already set up in Workday Human Capital Management.
  • Easily configure expense workflows and approvals, and ensure that all transactions are recorded for audit transparency.
  • Leverage the efficiencies of a single settlement engine to manage employee reimbursements.
  • Ensure rapid adoption by giving your workforce a consumer-like experience on desktop and mobile.

Global and mobile – how today’s business is done.

Give your workers the freedom to complete expense reports where and how they want while enabling compliance with local policies.

  • Capture receipts and submit expense reports on any device.
  • Manage travel expenses using local allowances and complex per diems.
  • Load local reimbursement rates to comply with corporate policies.


Drive more-effective expense policies.

Workday Expenses provides the visibility and control necessary to minimise out-of-policy spend and ensure accurate accounting results.

  • Gain real-time visibility into employee spend through the expense management dashboard.
  • Configure proactive spend controls including spend authorisations and budget checking.
  • Optimise spend policies by negotiating with vendors on corporate travel rates and discounts.

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