FHSU improves efficiency with a single system for finance and HR.

“We are able to better manage operations with Workday. We are just so much more efficient and are much less manual.” – VP for Administration and Finance


system of record for finance and HCM


direct access and mobile user adoption


upgrade cost avoidance without mainframe replacement


month deployment

Why Workday.

Fort Hays State University became heavily reliant upon the exceptional support resources that completed manual interventions to overcome the inefficiencies and limitations of its legacy systems. In an increasingly competitive and dynamic educational environment, FHSU needed to invest in a twenty-first-century IT solution that would enable it to undertake the local, regional and global ambitions. Workday had provided a single system of record resulting in transactional efficiencies, improved data visibility and enhanced controls.

Benefits and results.

Process automation and configuration.

HR is now able to more quickly and easily onboard, transfer and track all employees through Workday. Payroll deadlines are consistently met. Faculty and staff are following streamlined and standardised processes. The Workday engagement plans functionality is now used to communicate with students. Finance has seen a significant decrease in errors associated with manual work.

A single system of record for finance and HCM

Decreased percentage of incomplete graduate applications

Organisational management.

The university now has improved visibility into the org chart and staffing needs, with direct access to information that leads to better decisions at the right time. Student employee population has shown high level of adoption due to mobile access.


There is now the ability to analyse who is being paid out of which account resulting in tighter controls of overall spend. The Workday business process framework has enabled better visibility into processes and eliminated the inefficiency associated with older systems.

Access to real-time data, driving better decisions

Improved visibility into overall spend and the workforce

User experience.

With Workday, FHSU can provide direct access to reports for leaders, allowing for better and faster decisions. Accountability has increased due to the dissemination of information across the university. Faculty can see real-time data, including its activity pay details. Enhanced new hire experience, including the virtual college; all steps in the process are now completed electronically via Workday.

Enhanced onboarding by removing paper and forms

Direct access and mobile user adoption of 90%

Systems consolidation and flexibility.

Before Workday, FHSU had ageing mainframe systems that were difficult to maintain and lacked key capabilities. Workday now provides a flexible tool that enables growth through efficient workflows, self-service capabilities and a single source of truth for better decision-making. 


upgrade cost avoidance without mainframe replacement

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