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In this issue, we speak with technology leaders to understand the art of collaboration from the CIO’s perspective.

SmartCIO 8th Edition

Stories in this issue.

How strong collaboration delivers solutions on a global scale

How strong collaboration delivers solutions on a global scale.

For PayPal’s Head of Information Technology in APAC Robert Trench, departmental collaboration is vital as the payment platform expands its global reach. He thinks the art of collaboration is all about getting the right people to understand each other’s goals.

Engineering a new vision for IT

Engineering a new vision for IT.

China Development Financial’s Chief Information Officer Terence Yeung believes that true collaboration occurs when IT adopts a “storytelling” role. The IT function must embrace a consultative tone so that other departments are able to better understand its value.

A systematic approach to collaboration

A systematic approach to collaboration.

Group Chief Information Officer Chee Yuen Yap, at Surbana Jurong Group, adopts a systematic approach to collaboration. He believes understanding unique IT needs is key to customer buy-in, while leadership as an art form steers collaboration in a successful direction.

CFOs embraces change and generate value

CFOs can create a business culture that embraces change and generates value.

The CFO role isn’t just number crunching, it’s also about driving change. Finance leaders share four principles of value creation: agility, insight, collaboration, and innovation.

Success depends on strong CIO-CFO partnerships

Business success depends on strong CIO-CFO partnerships.

Workday ran a CFO-CIO global survey to discover how the two departments are aligned. Learn how the CIO role needs to change to drive stronger collaboration with the complex world of finance.

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