So Others Might Eat (SOME)

SOME improves fiscal transparency and planning, and adapts to COVID-19.

“The ability to build scenarios to understand the impact of COVID-19 and inform decisions…would not have been possible without Workday Adaptive Planning.”—Director, Business Planning and Analysis

1% reduced benefits overpayments and missed discounts

10% of employees engaged in planning process

<1 Day PPP program analysis

Improved continuity planning


So Others Might Eat was using Microsoft Excel® and exports from a financial system, but these processes were not keeping up with expanding demands for stewardship, usability, and financial performance management. Engagement and adoption challenges with dozens of leaders further complicated the planning and budgeting process.

Why Workday.

A need for a better-structured plan to align resources led to the development of a formal FP&A approach and the purchase of Workday Adaptive Planning.

Benefits and results.

Fiscal transparency.

So Others Might Eat replaced its limited toolsets and rebuilt its planning process with Workday Adaptive Planning, increasing organizational transparency, stewardship of resources, and overall understanding of performance relative to the mission.


reduced benefits overpayments and missed discounts


of employees engaged in planning process

Workforce and program planning.

Unit managers were challenged to understand where their programs were at any given point. Managing FTEs and where they were coming and going across a dynamic organization overwhelmed the organization’s spreadsheet-driven processes. By leveraging a hybrid driver-based budget, So Others Might Eat has been able to drive program design into the budgeting process all the way down to the position level on a project.

<1 Day PPP program analysis

Transactions, budgets, and plans in a single place

Adapting to COVID-19.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, So Others Might Eat had to close clinics, adjust cash flow, and apply for funding sources associated with the CARES Act. The real-time drill-down ability allowed for quick access to financial actuals, enabling alignment with the CARES Act requirements and funding sources.

Improved continuity planning

Growing understanding of forecasting provides new functions

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