Online dating services leader

Perfect pair: tech helps online dating services leader manage growth.

The company capitalizes on a unified process to address finance and HR needs globally.

Drove efficient financial reporting

Enabled consistent processes across countries and brands

Adapted to country-by-country requirements

Boosted collaboration across functions

Though it’s the world’s leading owner of dating and social sites, the company is showing no signs of slowing down. In the last few years alone, acquisitions and organic expansion have generated exponential growth for the online dating services leader, which has 2,500 employees around the globe.

But like many thriving businesses, the path to growth can have its challenges. For the online dating services leader, that included using aging legacy systems to manage its finances while trying to keep its staff and customers happy worldwide.

Seeking fast and flexible support.

The company needed solutions to ensure it could continue meeting more rigorous financial and legal requirements while strengthening a cohesive company culture.

“We need to be flexible, fast, and consistent,” a company official says. “And from a corporate accounting perspective, we need to be able to provide scale to the business more efficiently.”

We were way too big to rely on something that was not providing good controls. We needed Workday to make us more efficient.

Easy and agile solution to auditing and regulatory requirements.

Company leaders needed to modernize their financial, enterprise planning, and workforce management software while addressing quickly evolving technology.

Using Workday Financial Management, the online dating services leader was able to standardize its auditing practices. “Auditing is a lot easier because everyone’s singing the same tune,” says the company official. “We don’t have different controls for different environments.”

While focusing on consistent reports that can be generated quickly, the online dating services leader must also consider customization, tailoring reporting and other activities to meet regulatory requirements that vary from country to country. The company official says Workday Financial Management provides a flexible foundation to help meet those requirements.

“If our tax department says, ‘We’ve got all these countries requiring different returns, and it’s complicated to keep them straight,’ I can go in and identify what we want to track, how to track it, and how it will work in our environment, as well as how it will show up on the financial reporting side. This is a huge time savings and process improvement for us!”

Workday has brought us together because we all work off the same platform. Finance gets fed information directly from HR through Workday.

Eliminating silos between finance, HR, and payroll.

Managing human resources, payroll, and finance across multiple companies under the online dating services leader’s umbrella requires a coordinated effort, especially when you’re growing rapidly.

Because Workday Financial Management, Workday Human Capital Management (HCM), and Workday Payroll are all integrated, it’s now easier for the company’s financial division, for example, to get information related to new hires.

“Workday has brought us together because we all work off the same platform,” says the company official. “Finance gets fed information directly from HR through Workday. It helps us work more effectively together.”

Another example of the benefits of integration is the company’s employee reimbursement program for professional development and training. The new systems allow reimbursement requests to be quickly routed, further enriching the employee experience.

Connecting processes and people across the organization.

The Workday system brings teams together. By connecting groups that used to operate independently, the online dating services leader can collaborate, strategize, and execute with greater visibility and efficiency than before. Additionally, employees feel more engaged, empowered, and capable.

“Workday helps us partner better with leaders across the organization—finance, accounting, HR, payroll. And that cascades throughout our teams and employees company-wide,” the company official says. “We also have better governance, which means improved accuracy, shared data, and efficient operations. Workday helps us bring our people together to spark connections with our customers.

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