Enriched experience and increased fluidity.

MoOngy harnesses the power of Workday by consolidating people and financial data to empower its managers and add value to the business.

Empowered managers

Comprehensive employee insight for better attraction and retention

Enhanced clarity over the future development path

Increased agility to meet the demands of clients and projects

As a fast-growing digital consulting business, active in multiple geographic markets and industry sectors, MoOngy finds the real-time, consolidated 360-degree view of essential data that Workday delivers vitally important.

Given the scope of solutions provided by Workday, the company is continuously seeking to add to what it’s already delivering. Philippe Thierry-Meg, director of Digital Transformation, explains, “At the start, we weren’t aware of the richness of the solution, where it can be the receptacle not just of all HR data but of financial and operational data too.”

Workday delivers added value every day for the whole organization and its managers.

Director of Digital Transformation

An essential management tool.

Today, Workday is an essential management tool for managers representing every discipline and every level within the MoOngy business.

As Thierry-Mieg puts it, “The collaboration we have between finance and HR, and managers across MoOngy, is provided by the solution itself, not by the vision of the business processes that structure operations in Workday.

“As a result, we share the same data, the same processes, all in real time. So we can be extremely fluid and interactive in the exchanges of information that take place during a hiring process, for example. This will be initiated by the manager, delivered by HR, and then used by finance to invoice the client, analyze the project margin, set the employee up on the system, and more.”

Helping to win the war for talent.

MoOngy has recently extended its Workday investment with the addition of Workday Peakon Employee Voice.

According to Thierry-Mieg, “Like all groups in the consulting, IT, and digital-transformation sector, we’re facing a real war for talent. The sector is growing very fast, and it’s highly competitive in terms of attracting, recruiting, and retaining the best talent to meet the demands of the clients and projects we serve.

“We chose Workday Peakon Employee Voice to give us the levers we need to understand the drivers of employee commitment and take the actions necessary to increase it. It seemed like a natural extension of the Workday suite.”

Aiming to leverage every advantage Workday offers.

For Thierry-Mieg, having a clear forward direction for further extending the scope of Workday at MoOngy is a strong advantage of the solution. “For us, there is a real ambition to gain all the benefits of real-time consolidation for the whole group, daily and at each monthly closing,” Thierry-Mieg explains. “We’re looking closely at everything that Workday brings to the table in terms of skills, talent, and more. These are all natural extensions to capitalize on the investments we have made in choosing a partner such as Workday, which is capable of supporting us across multiple new use cases and business needs.”

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