ForFarmers’ HR team increases efficiency and productivity.

“Workday has helped us change from an administrative HR department into a much more business-supportive resource with HR business partners.”—HR Director a.i.

Supported HR practices internationally

Elevated the role of HR to strategic business partner

Provided reliable access to accurate HR data

ForFarmers’ goal was to ensure total accuracy in reporting its HR-related figures. It aimed to achieve this by using a single solution that guaranteed one version of the truth across all its operations, enabling it to deliver the consistency of information required to underpin well-informed decision-making.

Cultural fit and a partnership approach.

Having already seen the benefits of Workday in a previous company, ForFarmers’ HR Director a.i. appreciates how it was built from scratch as an integrated HR system unlike other solutions that offer add-on modules for payroll or benefits. Workday provides a real platform for future growth, allowing ForFarmers to virtually ‘plug and play’ when making an acquisition. Being able to implement the technology in all markets in which the company operates in less than four months was testament to the strength of the working relationship.

Arjan De Grijs, HR Director a.i at ForFarmers says: “Workday understands the cultural differences within a growing international company, appreciating that things work differently in different countries. That’s very powerful.”

“Another unique selling point is the Workday community, which provides vast amounts of information on the platform to make even better use of your system. Cultural alignment is extremely important—they work closely with us as partners and there is a very real human factor in all they do.”

Business class to world class.

As a highly employee-centric organization, ForFarmers saw building the scale and quality of its team to support sustainable future growth as the single most essential requirement for its new HR solution. The Recruiting and Learning capabilities are therefore at the heart of the system, targeting and then developing the best talent to build a world-class team.

From admin hub to strategic partnership.

Workday enables managers and employees to undertake operational tasks for themselves, instead of asking the HR department to do so for them. This in turn is creating a more strategic HR resource for ForFarmers, based on partnerships that actively support the business rather than operatives who simply run the admin. 

Empowering our workforce has delivered a major return through saved time, faster decision-making and improved agility.

HR Director a.i.

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