Single-click reports put focus on data analysis and decision-making.

Automation in Adaptive OfficeConnect, part of Workday Adaptive Planning, transforms finance as a strategic partner.

Fairfield Residential manages multifamily properties as thriving communities and profitable investments, but creating reports of its diversified revenue streams was at the expense of data analysis. Adaptive OfficeConnect, part of Workday Adaptive Planning, bridged the gap. With a single click, the performance management solution seamlessly and quickly produced presentations that were easy-to-understand and visually appealing, allowing for more focus on gleaning actionable insights. Finance at Fairfield Residential went from a back-office function to a strategic partner in effectively navigating the cyclical nature of the real estate industry.

It's going from reporting what happened, to helping figure out what's going to happen.

Senior Financial Analyst


  • Desired a way to centralize multiple revenue lines, such as investments and property management

  • Needed a solution that made data accessible throughout the company

  • Inefficient and time-consuming processes delayed monthly reporting


  • More time spent analyzing data instead of producing reports

  • Sped up variance reporting from eight days to one day

  • Improved collaboration between finance teams and other departments

Workday Adaptive Planning is helping us be more strategic by helping us organize the data. It’s standardized, it’s centralized, and it’s trustworthy.

Senior Financial Analyst, Fairfield Residential

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