ERPA propels growth with real-time insights.

Technology services company ERPA Group deploys Workday to improve decision-making with more accurate data.

Increased efficiency with automation

Empowered to track finances in real time

Gained trusted data

Improved employee engagement

ERPA’s systems for human capital management and finance required tedious manual work and did not provide up-to-date information about the business. Chief Financial Officer Sabrina Stover explains that the lack of trustworthy data was a big obstacle. 

“Our systems were very basic, very manual. We had been limping along,” Stover says. “We wanted to do away with spreadsheets and move into the cloud.”

We looked at where we wanted our company to go for our customers. That vision drove our change.

Chief Financial Officer

Accurate data empowers strategic decision-making. 

Using Workday, ERPA no longer struggles with siloed and inaccurate data. Trustworthy, up-to-the-minute information enables it to invest in its priorities as a high-touch, customer-focused organization. “Finance is now viewed as a strategic advisor to the business,” notes Holley Smith, ERPA Group Vice President of Financial Planning and Analysis. “We can look at the data differently and gain insights into opportunities we may be missing as well as challenges that may be coming down the road.” 

The company also leverages Workday technology to strengthen its culture and deepen employee engagement. Its 600 remote consultants, who previously juggled multiple systems for pay, expenses, and HR support, appreciate that the software is intuitive and supports self-service. This change gives HR staff more time to focus on strategic objectives while the workforce praises the user experience.

Saving time, gaining trust in data. 

ERPA’s prior finance system used error-prone manual entry and on-premise software. With the change, the company replaced unreliable, siloed data with actionable intelligence. Workday software allows the firm to see all information in one place while automation saves time and improves accuracy. 

The finance team can instantly create reports that previously took hundreds of hours monthly. “Workday fully automated a massive spreadsheet for us, and that was a beautiful step forward,” Stover says. 

While before the firm could only trust its books at year-end, the accounts are now a real-time source of truth. This enables finance leaders to face audits with confidence.

Workday fully automated a massive spreadsheet for us, and that was a beautiful step forward.

Chief Financial Officer

Investing for maximum impact in the business.

Workday provided greater visibility into what was driving the business through powerful analysis tools that illuminate trends. “We can analyze our data in ways we never dreamed of doing before with a click of a button,” says Smith. This helps the company to spot opportunities for growth and gave it confidence to move forward with a new-client acquisition strategy. 

The company made strategic investments to increase revenue from new and existing customers. It realized a new customer success unit would enhance the client experience. Insights from the technology also inspired the firm to create a cross-functional group dedicated to commercial-client acquisition.

We can analyze our data in ways we never dreamed of doing before with a click of a button.

Vice President Financial Planning and Analysis

Easy-to-use tools delight remote workforce. 

ERPA’s people make a difference for customers every day and know the firm cares about its employees. Reflecting these values, the company wanted its staff to have technology that was easy to learn and use. 

Employees who previously had to log in to multiple applications now have a single system for timekeeping, expenses, and more. HR staff get fewer questions, and the company strengthened a culture that honors each employee’s contributions.

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