Bronson Healthcare boosts training agility with Workday Learning.

“We had four days to move to virtual onboarding—and with Workday Learning, we did.”—Bronson Center for Learning Leader

Virtualized onboarding in 4 days

Consolidated 98% of its safety and compliance courses

Provided on-demand training insight

To facilitate the best possible health outcomes and service levels for patients, Bronson Healthcare had to improve its agility in training clinical and nonclinical workers. The inflexibility of the organization’s existing learning management system (LMS) made it difficult to create courses as needed to meet emerging requirements. Developers had to make multiple versions of the same digital modules to run on different devices. Adding third-party training content and videos to multimedia lessons was very time consuming—and there was no easy way to track what information was covered in digital and in-person courses. Additionally, administrators had to spend significant time managing training plans, and employees lacked insight into learning options that could help them reach their goals.

Flexible tools to improve and simplify training. 

After evaluating LMS options and speaking with Workday customers, Bronson chose Workday Learning. With it, developers can create universal digital courses that can run on any device including a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. They can also easily add videos and third-party content to lessons. And because Workday Learning integrates seamlessly with Workday Human Capital Management (HCM), Bronson employees can use one seamless solution for holistically governing user profiles as well as training plans.

Boosting organizational agility.

Bronson can now respond faster to emerging requirements. Trey Mitchell, Center for Learning leader at Bronson Healthcare, says, “We’ve really simplified training development with Workday Learning. We no longer have to create separate versions of lessons. And because it’s easier to add videos and shared content, we’re digitizing more instructor-led courses. That saves time and makes it possible for people to learn wherever they are.” 

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the organization had just 4 days to replace its in-person onboarding process with an all-virtual program. By using Workday Learning, Bronson met this goal. Over the next 9 months, the company remotely onboarded 1,200 people. This included contractors who were able to access the same learning content, and enjoy the same learning experience, as internal workers because Bronson also uses Workday Extended Enterprise for Learning.

Consolidating safety and compliance content by 98 percent.

With the insights gained from Workday Learning and Bronson’s integration with Workday HCM, developers identified redundant and inconsistent training content—and created 1 version of each lesson. By doing so, Bronson consolidated the number of training modules by 98 percent—from 500 to 6—which has improved content and reduced maintenance and storage requirements. “We’re a growing healthcare system, so systemizing our content with Workday Learning has been huge because we can make sure patients get the same quality of care across our sites,” Mitchell says. ““With these changes, we’ve reduced time spent on mandatory training by 2,500 hours in 2020.”

We consolidated 500 digital safety and compliance courses into just 6 using Workday Learning.

Bronson Center for Learning Leader

Increasing administrative efficiency.

From Workday, administrators now easily develop and push learning plans to individuals, groups, and subgroups—and quickly see training requirements and compliance levels. Liss Stewart, learning analyst at Bronson Healthcare, says, “It used to take a week to get training numbers. Using Workday Learning, it takes 15 minutes or less.” Staff can also explore training options that support their goals and their ability to help ensure the best possible patient outcomes.

It used to take a week to get training numbers. Using Workday Learning, it takes 15 minutes or less.

Learning Analyst

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