AON Driving Agility Uncertain Economic Environment

“Being able to drill down from the P&L to understand what matters and make decisions from that is a real game changer.”—Chief Financial Officer, Japan

Analytics tools allow drill-down from P&L to accounts

Instant efficiency boost cuts month-end close in half

Stronger controls result in better governance

Chief Financial Officer Andrea Pisano shares how Workday enabled Aon Japan to automate repetitive finance tasks and use AI tools to deliver value to the business. Now Aon Japan’s finance team can:

  • Detect human error and avoid double counting, and automatically process general entries
  • Overlay and analyze people and financial data in real time so managers can understand the impact of potential decisions on profitability and expenses
  • Change internal processes easily, allowing Aon Japan to respond rapidly to changing regulations and volatile market conditions

The fact that Workday embeds AI and machine learning capabilities in its software is a great advantage for Aon.

Chief Financial Officer, Japan

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