Learning your workforce will love.

Workday Learning combines on-demand content and enterprise learning in one application that your employees will love to use. And it’s all within Workday.  See how Workday is revolutionising workplace learning. 

Learning hero

Leverage worker data within Workday to make tailored learning recommendations.

Provide meaningful learning for employees at every stage of their career.

Deliver modern, high-quality video learning alongside traditional and in-person courses.

Enable workers to share expertise.

To support our colleagues in today's changing environment, we needed to re-ignite learning as an essential and daily quality of the employee experience. Workday allows us to do this in a way that’s mobile, modern, engaging, and impactful.

An engaging, social learning experience.

Support a culture of learning and inspire every employee to grow.

  • Deliver a rich and meaningful experience that employees have come to expect from today's technology.
  • Empower employees to create and share their expertise with colleagues.
  • Engage employees with high-quality video, seamlessly delivered to any device and location.
  • Enable workers to easily find, consume, and share relevant content.
  • Recommend, rate, find, and share learning content.

One with Workday.

Workday Learning leverages comprehensive data to understand each worker and provide a personalised experience from onboarding to job changes and promotions.

  • Bring learning to your employees the way they want it – anytime, anywhere, on any device, and through a familiar interface.
  • Provide complete visibility into the content your workers engage with most, and insight into the ROI of programmes and campaigns.
  • Track how learning impacts performance, contribution, and development.
  • Measure the value and effectiveness of learning to allow better alignment to the business.
  • Use configurable business processes to craft approvals and workflows that fit your needs.

Drive initiatives and spark success with strategic content targeting.

Create engaging ongoing learning campaigns using rich Workday data and context.

  • Promote learning content to entire groups or select individuals.
  • Use any data element in Workday to send one-time campaigns or trigger outreach around transactions in Workday.
  • Engage your learners easily, with push notifications and deep links.
  • Track campaign effectiveness through course enrolment, completion, responses, and ratings.

From quick tips to comprehensive content.

All types of learning – in one, immersive environment.

  • Assemble videos, documents, surveys, and even live training in a single course to deliver an exciting learning experience.
  • Engage employees with a full range of internal or third-party instruction, from two-minute quick tips to full, instructor-led training.
  • Make workplace learning binge-worthy with on-demand lessons accessible anytime, anywhere.
  • Help your team share its expertise and unique skills that make your organisation thrive.
  • Curate content for specific roles, actions, or stages in the employee life cycle.

Learning that helps your people grow.

Give the whole organisation visibility and access to the breadth of learning available so employees see the opportunities ahead and can build the skills to get there.

  • Excite workers with learning tied to events in their employee life cycle, from onboarding to job changes or promotions. 
  • Help employees prepare for professional growth and career moves within your organisation.
  • Share knowledge freely without typical hassle and cost.
  • Enable workers to tap into learning whenever, wherever it’s needed.
  • Drive engagement and retention by creating a dynamic, learning-oriented culture.

Unprecedented learning insight.

Now you have the ability to provide measures and metrics around the value of learning to the organisation.

  • Answer specific business questions relating to the impact of learning.
  • See learning engagement across the organisation, using Workday demographics.
  • Identify your top contributors, learners, and content.
  • Create data-driven learning experiences.

The Culture of Learning