Human Resource Management

Your people matter the most

Designed from scratch in partnership with our customers, Workday Human Resource Management addresses the full spectrum of enterprise human capital needs in one, easy-to-use system. Workday provides a delightful experience for all your people across all their devices. The result? An engaged workforce that helps accelerate global growth.

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Use scorecards to see how workforce and organisational performance are affecting your business goals.

Analyse trends in your financial and workforce data, allowing you to anticipate what’s coming next.

Gain visibility into your headcount plans and how your recruiting efforts can make an impact.

Global at the core

Workday seamlessly integrates common global practices and supports unique local requirements, offering a unified view of your global business.

  • Country-specific tracking of personal and diversity information.
  • Tracking and management of employee agreements, including probation periods, collective agreements, and contract data.
  • Multiple currency support, including simultaneous display of preferred and local currency.
  • A unified global job catalogue with appropriate local attributes so jobs can be set up once and used worldwide.
  • Formatting and validation for countries worldwide including for names, localised addresses, national IDs, visas, licences, dates, currencies, and so on.
  • Built-in governance capabilities such as system audits and non-destructive updates.

Flexible organisation management

Workday Organisation Management enables you to easily and accurately model and analyse your workforce according to your unique business dimensions.

  • Model multiple types of organisations (company, cost centre, and so on) to visualise your organisation in a way that makes sense to you.
  • Manage staffing of employees and contingent labour in one place, giving you complete visibility into your entire workforce.
  • Reorganise at any time – past, present, or future – without relying on IT, so you can quickly respond to change.
  • Access interactive organisation charts instantly on any device.

Configurable processes for your unique requirements

Create, customise, and manage relevant business processes at any organisational level using a simple process configuration tool.

  • Allow business users to define and manage their own business processes without relying on IT.
  • Accelerate your deployment with a catalogue of predefined business processes.
  • Automate and streamline transactions throughout the employee life cycle in one system.
  • Monitor and audit all process and transaction statuses by providing a comprehensive audit trail.

Intuitive self-service on any device

Self-service functionality is an intrinsic part of Workday applications, allowing employees, managers, and business leaders to access Workday on any device.

  • Foster engagement with a delightful user experience, smart search capabilities, and social collaboration.
  • Initiate and manage transactions – from hire to retire – on any device.
  • Configure role-based security profiles and provide access to relevant information.
  • Maintain compliance with pervasive auditing and effective dating.

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