Global Compliance

Stay ahead of continual global regulatory changes.

Get the support you need to keep pace with HCM global compliance—and get ahead of the curve. With our global-at-the-core design and firm commitment to privacy and security, you can stay compliant while increasing trust with your employees and customers.

Global at the core.

Workday is built to support organizations around the world. Our global-at-the-core design provides you with the flexibility and control you need to adapt your business and meet global compliance requirements.

  • Leverage location preference, date formats, and privacy preferences—all built into Workday.
  • Protect your data with robust encryption and data protection capabilities.
  • Access prebuilt frameworks that are easy to configure.
  • Automate translations of applications and data into 31 languages.
  • Access country-specific preconfigured data for 101 countries.
  • Build reports, integrations, and business processes that meet your specific needs.

Committed to compliance.

When it comes to meeting global HR compliance challenges, you know what’s best for your business. That’s why Workday partners with you throughout the development process and is committed to supporting your needs as they evolve and change.

  • Access more than 3,000 fields of localized data.
  • Receive support in 240 countries, regions, and territories.
  • Leverage more than 170 absence plans.
  • Benefit from iron-clad security and privacy with rigorous data protection capabilities.

Built for control.

Businesses today need a system that can ensure controls are in place. With Workday, you gain the power to precisely control all of your processes.

  • Ensure proper controls where you need them most.
  • Set rigid guidelines when building collective agreements for different countries.
  • Confidently associate the correct agreements with corresponding business processes.

Practice globally. Manage locally.

Set controls at a global level while managing specific in-country needs.

  • Configure business processes based on the needs of specific locations, organizations, or groups.
  • Leverage more than 1,500 standard reports for HCM, payroll, and time tracking.
  • Drill-down into and report on multiple dimensions in real time, from any device.
  • Access the intelligent framework in Workday to hide or require fields based on geographic location.

Quickly adapt to regulatory changes.

Whether you’re faced with GDPR, ACA, OFCCP, RDP, or future regulations, Workday gives you the foundation you need to maintain human resource compliance.

  • Gain enhanced privacy protection through our “Privacy by Design” approach.
  • Stay ahead of newly emerging business practices and standards.
  • Ensure that personal information is private and safeguarded.