Why Workday Adaptive Planning Software

Better planning, bigger possibilities

Move forward faster with Workday Adaptive Planning – the only enterprise planning platform that gives you the flexibility, speed and scalability you need to keep up with a changing world.

Workday Adaptive Planning dashboard.

Accelerate your business

Successful businesses can no longer afford to rely on legacy technology. Only a true cloud solution such as Workday Adaptive Planning delivers what you need to run your business better, every day.

Faster innovation

Quickly model and analyse your business with our powerful Elastic Hypercube Technology, our in-memory engine.

Embedded machine learning

Automatically surface anomalies to detect outliers in your data and leverage predictive forecasts for more accurate projections.

Unified planning and consolidation

Simplify complex close processes, eliminate batch processes with automated consolidation tasks and access real-time financial reports.

Automated data integration

Automated integration from your CRM, ERP, HCM and other systems means you no longer need to depend on IT to manage your data integrations.

Scale and adapt as your business grows

Workday Adaptive Planning enables you to quickly model the most complex scenarios so you can keep up as your business grows – all without compromising performance or ease of use.

Unlimited scenarios

Run multiple scenarios on the fly to quickly determine the best course of action.

Real-time reporting

Analyse everything with our interactive reports and dashboards and easily refresh your numbers in real time, with a single click.


Unlimited computing power

Analyse everything with our interactive dashboards and easily refresh your numbers in real time, with a single click.


World-class security

The highest levels of encryption and compliance, as well as a proven multi-tenant environment, ensure that your data is always secure.



Unmatched agility, unparalleled performance

Our powerful planning platform delivers the agility and performance you need to guide strategy, drive confident decision-making and support business growth.

Plan flexibly and collaboratively

Our platform lets you model and analyse every contingency and easily identify gaps and opportunities. And you can plan and model across any time period and industry, while still tying to the larger plan.

Improve decision-making

With our easy-to-use interface and visual dashboards, everyone on your team can generate reports using the latest data – helping to improve decision-making across the entire business.

See ROI right away

Because Workday Adaptive Planning is built using true cloud architecture, it’s quick to deploy and easy to configure the way you want. So you get faster time-to-value and a lower overall cost of ownership.

Workday Adaptive Planning software can integrate with any data source systems, including ERP/GL, CRM, HR, PSA and other data systems.

Workday Adaptive Planning works with any software ecosystem

You don’t need any other Workday products to use Workday Adaptive Planning. Our solution makes it easy to get up and running fast with any ERP, CRM, HR or other data source you have. 

Workday Adaptive Planning FAQs

Can I get Workday Adaptive Planning without purchasing other Workday products?

Absolutely. You can get Workday Adaptive Planning whether you have another Workday application or not. Our software works with any ERP/GL or other enterprise system (for example HR, CRM, capital and so on).

Workday Adaptive Planning is open with a purpose-built integration framework, allowing customers to integrate any data source from their systems including ERP/GL, CRM, HR, PSA and more. Over 300 unique systems can connect to Workday Adaptive Planning.

Workday Adaptive Planning is fast to deploy with rapid return on investment. Average deployment time is 4.5 months, even for some of the world’s largest companies.

Workday Adaptive Planning is designed to support even the most complex planning requirements – so it can work for any organisation. 


We have customers across all industries, geographies and company size.

Yes. We acquired Adaptive Insights in 2018 and the product is now called Workday Adaptive Planning. As part of the Workday enterprise management cloud, Workday Adaptive Planning continues to deliver  the best-in-class enterprise planning solution to thousands of our customers.

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