Navigate the new normal with ease.

Market shifts, changing customer expectations and a new wave of FinTech disruption require you to act fast. Workday empowers you to accelerate your digital transformation and gain the agility to meet financial services disruption head-on.


Adapt to changing conditions in banking.

With evolving customer needs, increased regulatory scrutiny and a need for new skills shaping the banking landscape, agility to adapt is critical. Workday delivers one finance, HR, planning and analytics system so you can see what’s happening and pivot as quickly as change happens.


Manage any kind of disruption.

Keep your bank running smoothly no matter what happens. Workday helps you identify new opportunities, achieve real-time insight and shift to meet market demands.

Turn data into insights.

To understand consumer behaviour, you need more than just data. Learn how you can blend data to answer your business questions and make  the right decisions.

Continuously plan and forecast.

With uncertainty driving the market, actively planning and forecasting multiple scenarios are crucial to success. How do you begin? Find out in the guide.

See how our banking customers improve operations.

Deployed benefits enrolment 84% faster.

Reduced double approval on invoices by 40%.

Consolidated six systems into one.

Saved 10,000 hours on payroll processing a year.


Reinvent investment management.

Market pressures are putting on the squeeze. More than ever, it’s critical to diversify your investment management business and find new revenue streams. Doing so starts with digitally transforming how you operate. Workday helps you do just that.


Expand into new markets.

Can digital transformation help you invent new business models? Industry trends say yes. Learn how investment management firms are transforming to grow.

Increase back office efficiency.

Bring down costs by changing how you operate. See how 200 investment management leaders are rethinking operations to enhance efficiency and save.

Stay in compliance.

Changing regulations and tougher rules require better reporting tools. Workday helps you bring all your data together, giving you advanced analysis and reporting.

See how our investment management customers enhance efficiency.

Saved $640K in maintenance and infrastructure costs.

Increased efficiency through process automation.

Gained next-level reporting capabilities.

Cut several days out of the forecasting process.


Minimise insurance risk and respond to change.

To meet changing market conditions while effectively managing risk, it’s critical to have a system that allows your insurance organisation to plan ahead. Workday empowers you to plan, execute and analyse so you can see what’s coming and adapt.


Gain full visibility.

Bring all your data together to gain a complete view of your insurance business. With a deeper understanding, you can improve performance and compliance.

Become truly agile.

Keep up with the pace of change by digitally transforming your insurance organisation. Learn how an enterprise-wide holistic approach to help insurers meet the future with confidence.

Prepare for what’s next.

To weather disruption and ensure business continuity, you need to plan and create forecasts that reflect real-world conditions. With Workday, you can do just that.

See how our insurance customers improve operations.

30% reduction in finance system spend.

Gained greater visibility into performance.

71% reduction of chart of accounts.

A finance leader’s guide to business continuity.

What does it take to sustain your business in the face of change? In this webinar, finance leaders at KPMG and Workday share best practices and strategies for building resilience.



An agile system to speed up transformation.



Efficiently manage your organisation.

Automate global finance processes, plan continuously and control costs.


Make the most of your talent.

Unlock the skills of your people, set the right rewards and manage your workforce.


Gain insight to scale and grow.

Make faster business decisions with insight into operations and build new apps to meet new needs.

See how we put our customers at the centre.

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