Platform and Product Extensions


Extend Workday applications with speed and confidence.



Develop and deploy new business capabilities.

With close proximity to your people and finance data and processes, Workday Extend helps you create apps that accommodate your unique business needs.

Take the same technology, security, logic and application components that power Workday into your own hands.

  • Runs inside Workday cloud
  • Ensures a consistent UI
  • Accesses Workday data seamlessly
  • Applies same security model
  • Supports app lifecycle and monitoring
  • Extends data object model
  • Orchestrates processes

Build faster with Workday Extend.

Deliver more value to HR and finance leaders.

Developers incorporate the same application components that Workday developers use to build apps for desktop and mobile devices.
Build apps to meet your needs.

Whether it’s boosting employee experience or implementing a vaccine management programme, you can easily build the capabilities your organisation needs.

The apps you build inherit our security measures and use the same high-quality Workday data – not copies – that power your organisation.

All apps run within your existing Workday applications. Because they use the same processes and look and feel, users can focus on the task at hand – without any friction.

We apply the same login and security controls to the apps you build, keeping your data safe. Any data changes are audited in real time, helping you maintain governance.

“Workday Extend gives us the ability to break the silos between enterprise applications to deliver a secure, integrated user experience.”

Orchestration Builder is a drag-and-drop tool to build, test and deploy real-time, event-driven orchestrations.

Accelerate app development with our scalable architecture.

Deeply extend the Workday data object model.

Create new data objects and business processes to build sophisticated data models directly within Workday – protected with the same security you already trust.

Build new apps, not infrastructure.

Build intuitive apps using the Workday UI you are familiar with to optimise your business needs. Ensure a smooth user experience on desktop and mobile.

Orchestrate processes within and outside of  Workday.

Our drag-and-drop visual tool defines logic, maps and loops through data, and performs transformations. Optimise your people and finance processes everywhere.

Tap into your trusted people and finance platform.

We apply the same audit and security controls to the apps you build, keeping your data pristine to ensure accuracy and maintain governance.

Build code that remains update-safe.

The UI, data, logic and security of your apps remain update-safe from one Workday release to another – no recoding or regression testing needed.

“We don’t need to worry about updates and regression testing.”

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