Built to adapt. Again and again.

From day one, we imagined a more adaptable enterprise management cloud. And then we built it. With AI and machine learning (ML) embedded into the core of our platform, Workday gives organisations of all sizes the power to adapt.



How we deliver adaptability.

True cloud architecture.
Workday is built with a true cloud architecture that allows us to scale and deliver innovation to everybody at once.

Intelligent data core.
Our intelligent data core combines external data with Workday data to help organisations of all sizes gain real-time insights and be decision-ready.

Configurable frameworks.
Easily configurable frameworks enable business self-service securely and durably, so changes can be made without IT ever rewriting code.

Business-optimised developer environment.
Our platform is open, extensible and interoperable. It’s easy to connect to other solutions and rapidly build new applications with intuitive low- and no-code tooling.

Personalised, omni-channel experience.
Workday works wherever your employees do, delivering a personalised experience across devices and within collaboration tools such as Microsoft® Teams and Slack.

Embedded AI and ML.
Workday delivers true business adaptability using AI and ML, natively leveraging these technologies in workflows, analytics and user experience.

“Having the ability to leverage the security and privacy controls within Workday’s trusted enterprise management cloud enables us to confidently spin up new apps to meet our unique needs and drive more value from our Workday investment.”



Meet every security and data privacy need.

To run a business, you need to be ready for the next security vulnerability. You also need to meet global and regional regulatory requirements. With Workday, you can rest assured you’re checking every box when it comes to security and trust.

Get the power to adapt.

Over 10,000 happy customers (and counting).