Marketing planning software that maximises every opportunity.

Marketing planning dashboard in Workday Adaptive Planning, showing numerical values to analyse marketing pipeline by region, quarter and spend.


Turn marketing planning into a strategic advantage.

Plan, invest and measure your marketing spend in ways that were previously impossible so you can pivot fast and keep up with change.

  • Campaign modelling
  • Track ongoing spend
  • Marketing mix optimisation
  • Market expansion

Marketing financial software that uplifts your performance.

Marketing planning dashboard in Workday Adaptive Planning showing numerical values and charts for Marketing Events in Demand and Sales planning.

Create self-service reports and dashboards.

Self-service reports and intuitive dashboards enable you to monitor lead goals, campaign performance and marketing expenses in real time and course-correct when needed.

Integrate planning and budgeting.

Use a unified platform rather than a series of disconnected spreadsheets to build budgets that work for your marketing team and align with sales and corporate plans.

Build plans that work for everyone.

By aligning marketing plans with sales and finance, you can collaborate on a company-wide plan that meets every need.


Elevate your marketing plans.

Model campaigns.

Build unlimited scenario models to see the impact of each campaign, adjusting dimensions by time, duration, cost and channel.

Track ongoing spend.

Identify gaps between planned versus actual spend, so you can catch missed targets before they become missed opportunities.

Optimise marketing mix.

Plan multiple scenarios to decide which marketing campaigns to run, as well as the optimal investment in marketing initiatives.

Expand markets.

Analyse the impact of market expansion on expenses, resources and potential leads, as well as the time needed to develop new markets.

See how continuous planning works.

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