Accounting Center

The accounting center that delivers deeper insight and greater control.

AP center claims analysis dashboard showing claim by channel, claims by sales item, and property claims by type and region.


Transform business events into journal entries.

Built on an analytics engine, Workday Accounting Center records, enriches, and transforms operational transactions.

With your business events transformed, you gain insight into rich accounting detail, complete with data lineage to source transactions. The result? You can reduce the time to close, simplify root cause analysis, and inform decisions. 

  • User defined rules
  • Complete process orchestration
  • Accounting transformation
  • Full error handling
  • Profitability analysis
  • Data lineage

Designed for accounting.

Claims analysis discovery board showing claim amount by policy type, agent, claim type, and current and previous quarter.

We designed the system for everyday accounting users to easily set up and maintain accounting rules. This allows you to identify errors, trace transactions, and address issues with access to complete data lineage.


More control.

Easily configure accounting rules and integrate operational data.

Fewer complexities.

Eliminate process lags, reduce time to close, and lower the cost of ownership.

Easily meet audit requirements.

When it’s time to audit, Workday tracks and controls changes. You can quickly answer who, what, where, and when to meet requirements.

Understand your business.

Gain the comprehensive insight needed to drive deeper analysis. With Workday, you can view every accounting detail, complete with data lineage to the source transaction.

Workday Accounting Center—Important Notice

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