Salesforce brings its data together to unlock the power of automation.

“Workday Accounting Center is going to be the heart of our automation.”—SVP, Finance Automation, Cloud ERP

Automated data integrations and complex calculations

Added new legal entities quickly and efficiently

Sped up financial close and improved tax capabilities

Developed 23 use cases for Workday Accounting Center

Salesforce is taking the composable approach to ERP, consolidating its technical debt to automate processes as it grows through acquisitions and expands into new markets. Don Rigler, SVP Finance Automation, Cloud ERP, explains how Salesforce is bringing its data together with Workday to:

  • Automate data integration, enable faster close processes, and empower its tax team

  • Set up a new legal entity structure in minutes, which previously took several months and hundreds of thousands of dollars to complete  

  • Leverage AI and machine learning (ML) in its back-office operations, freeing up time for analysis and better decision-making

Workday is where the market is going and we want to be on that journey.

SVP, Finance Automation, Cloud ERP

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