Norconsult runs more efficiently with HR automation.

This global company uses Workday to simplify HR processes, save time, and empower both managers and employees alike.


saved in the first year by consolidating systems


value of time saved by managers for HR processes


saved in onboarding and offboarding processes


Norconsult did not have a single source of HR data, creating a concern for data accuracy and reliability. Self-service was non-existent, causing duplicative work. In addition, a lack of talent database resulted in time-consuming, complex talent management processes.

Why Workday.

Norconsult saw the global platform from Workday as a solution to its HR and talent management needs, as well as an opportunity to greatly increase self-service capabilities for managers and employees.

Benefits and results.

Systems consolidation and flexibility.

As part of its move to Workday, Norconsult simplified its systems maintenance by reducing annual software licenses and hardware costs.

Exceeded ROI projections by 56% in the first year

Increased manager efficiency.

By streamlining administrative duties and providing managers with the information and analytics needed for management, strategic leadership, and development, Norconsult has reduced the time spent on non-value added, manual tasks.


less time spent on job reqs


less time spent on compensation changes


less time spent on promotions


less time to make data changes

Increased employee onboarding efficiency.

The security framework in Workday has allowed Norconsult to redefine its onboarding process. New hires can now access Workday before their first day to provide necessary details and view relevant information. This, along with offboarding optimization, has cut down the time managers, HR, and employees spend on processes.


minutes saved by HR for onboarding


minutes saved by employees for offboarding


minutes saved by managers for onboarding /offboarding

Streamlined bidding process for billable employees.

Norconsult reduced time spent on CV-generation and employee search during the project bidding process, as well as reduced time in gathering analytics for large customers as it relates to competencies. In addition, billable employees have seen more efficiency through the power of self-service.


value of savings for the bidding process


minutes saved per process with self-service

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