Direct Line Group empowers staff by putting data into their hands.

With Workday, Direct Line Group adopted an HR system that improved visibility, putting control in the hands of users and enabling cost savings.

Deployment completed in 6 months

Accurate data helped deliver a successful IPO

Strategic initiatives to hire high-performing employees

Improved speed-of-payment for expenses

Following a series of mergers, Direct Line Group (DLG) was left with multiple HR systems across the group. Employee data was hard to access and often inaccurate. In 2012, DLG separated from Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), ending a relationship that lasted more than 20 years.

DLG, which needed to decouple its operations from Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), could now overhaul its legacy HR systems and standardise HR operations — kickstarting the search for a robust solution with advanced capabilities.

Why Workday.

DLG was immediately attracted by Workday’s ease of use and reporting features. It was essential for DLG to deliver error-free HR data because inaccurate HR reports would have put a planned initial public offering (IPO) at risk.

Empowerment and control were another two key reasons for choosing Workday, because it would help managers make better decisions. What’s more, it would provide HR with greater insight into the daily operations of the organisation’s 11,000-strong workforce to improve processes.


By selecting Workday, DLG gained a single, easy-to-use HR system that improved visibility of information, empowered staff and put control in the hands of users, and enabled cost savings through better data insights.

With Workday, we have better control over our expenses. We have improved the speed-to-payment, gained audit functionality, and we’re cutting down on the number of corporate credit cards required.

Head of HR Information Systems

Transparency improves employee experience.

DLG has greater visibility on spending and can interrogate expenses that previously were stored on spreadsheets. As a result, it can identify possible efficiencies and reduce expenses. And the auditing functionality in Workday means DLG can recognise double entries more easily and eliminate costly errors.

Purchasing cards have moved to Workday Expenses, giving DLG even more expense auditability and control. “We understand where the money is flowing through the business. It gives us an opportunity to find ways to save and drive further efficiencies,” says Sarah Clarke, Head of HR Information Systems.

With every new piece of data, we gain insight needed to recruit the right employees for the right roles within our company.

Head of HR Information Systems

More effective recruiting practices.

DLG has streamlined hiring processes using data stored in Workday Recruiting. It has data to hand on candidate sources, time-to-recruit, roles filled and recruiter workloads.

Sarah says, “The efficiencies we’ve made in the recruiting process are considerable. Workday Recruiting has played a key role in some of the new innovative initiatives we’ve launched in the recruiting process such as virtual-reality office tours and video interviewing. We now have an opportunity to engage with candidates earlier and provide a smoother journey from candidate to pre-hire to employee. This improves how candidates view our brand.”

Rapid user adoption and self-service.

Through widespread user adoption of the self-service functionality in Workday, DLG has streamlined its HR operations. Jason Gowlett, Director, HR Operations, comments, “Don’t underestimate the ease of access. Workday is a modern tool that meets consumer expectations—people don’t need a manual to use it.”

We run a more streamlined HR Operations than you would expect for an organisation our size.

Director, HR Operations

Helping retain the best talent.

DLG’s people strategy is about hiring the right talent for the right role, while simplifying processes to raise employee satisfaction. Jason says, “If we can make life easier for our people, they have more time and motivation to serve our customers.” DLG can identify great people managers by joining up job performance, employee satisfaction and staff turnover data from Workday. Great managers then become examples for others to help ensure happy and successful employees.

DLG has employed a Data Insights Consultant to analyse data from Workday. It has also launched graduate and apprentice programmes supported by the Workday solution. Sarah says, “HR is now better aligned with our people strategy. Our expertise is enabling DLG to focus on hiring and retaining the best talent.”

As a business, we’re more efficient. As a function, with the tools we have supporting us, we’re more strategically focused.

Head of HR Information Systems

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