Alight streamlines operations to increase efficiency.

“It is an amazing experience to have everything at your fingertips. You can double-click down to any level you want to see.”—Finance Director


After splitting from AON in 2017, Alight evaluated its legacy systems, which consisted of aging platforms that required complex integrations and manual processes. Project managers lacked real-time visibility into key metrics and spent excess time processing transactions, reconciling data, and supporting auditing needs. Alight was on an expensive Transition Service (TSA) project with a firm deadline, and needed a single system with streamlined processes to help get it there.

Why Workday.

After evaluating the potential cost savings and opportunity to transform the business onto a single system, Alight selected Workday as its global cloud platform for core financials, professional services automation, and human capital management.

Benefits and results.

Systems consolidation. 

The unified system enabled Alight to deliver an intuitive user experience and single sign-on for project resources. This reduced the effort required to complete time-entry and reporting tasks and allows PMs to shift administrative hours to the PMO.


 saved by cutting TSA annual financial system spend


increase in PM availability

Financial analysis and project profitability. 

Teams can now run analytics using real-time data. On-demand, mobile access to time, costs, and profitability by project helped reduce the response time to project requests. PMs can now quickly and easily view project status for faster and better decision making that impacts profitability. 

Reduced time to develop reports from months to hours

Reduced time entry error rate by tenfold

Finance process automation and audit.

The business process framework reduced time to close and complete bank reconciliations. Always-on-audit and tighter controls improved audit quality, and now fewer resources are required to support audits.

Decreased time to close from 9 days to 3 days

Achieved 100% user adoption of desktop and mobile

Billing cycle.

Improved compliance and accuracy helped streamline the tracking of billable hours. The ability to review project data in one system reduced time tracking errors and increased the recovery rate of lost revenues. The invoicing cycle went from one week to two days. 

Decreased time spent gathering billing data by 60%

Decreased admin time to create invoices by 67%

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