Adapt and grow: employees supported to thrive in a rapidly changing workplace.

By integrating its data and streamlining workflows, Transurban has empowered its business for the next global growth cycle.

Integrating acquisitions in months, not years

Closing the books at month-end in just days, not weeks

Evolving systems with new features to match organizational change

Making better decisions based on secure, quality data

After a decade of rapid global growth and with more planned, Transurban knew it needed to rapidly modernize its data and process foundations and replace its legacy systems. “We had many different systems managed by different teams,” explains Head of ERP Platform Adelaide Sinclair. “We’d just added things along the way and not considered how that might hinder us from supporting future growth.”

Another downside of its legacy systems were regular major upgrades, which concerned Senior Manager - Strategy and Portfolio Delivery Dean Lane due to the cost and risk. “That wasn’t a risk if we moved to Workday. We would get biannual, incremental enhancements continuously delivered. This would keep our system current and reduce our total cost of ownership.”

As Transurban continues to grow and evolve, our partnership with Workday is helping us adapt to a changing world.

Head of ERP Platform

Systems to support rapid, ongoing evolution.

Concerned that its ERP system wouldn’t be able to scale with its growth, Transurban decided to deploy the full Workday enterprise management cloud suite: HR, finance, procurement, and analytics. And midway through phase one, Transurban acquired a new business. “We were able to seamlessly integrate the company concurrently,” says Sinclair. “Before, it would’ve taken years to integrate new businesses with Transurban’s systems. With Workday, we can do it in months.”

Since deployment, Lane has been impressed by this Workday's dedication to evolve its products to better meet customer needs. “Workday is constantly listening to its customers and taking that feedback on board to invest in its products. Some of the new things Workday has rolled out, such as Workday Today, have had a huge impact on our frontline people and leaders.”

Workday was constantly focused on the customer and closely aligned with our values of ingenuity, collaboration, and respect.

Head of ERP Platform

Transforming the employee experience.

“If we want to offer an excellent customer experience, we need an amazing people experience because happy employees mean happy customers,” says Sinclair. “Offering a unified source for data, Workday helps us deliver a seamless, data-rich, and supportive experience at all times.”

The easy to use and intuitive Workday Strategic Sourcing user interface has made life easier for Transurban’s contract managers and procurement teams. “Now, contract managers and administrators can collaborate with our procurement teams within the application, saving heaps of time,” says Sinclair.

Workday is at the core of our entire employee journey, from the moment they see our job ad to their next opportunity.

Head of ERP Platform

Making better business decisions.

With its business environment moving at an incredible pace, Transurban uses Workday Prism Analytics to integrate and draw insights from different external data sets. Sinclair says the first Workday Prism Analytics use case with a big impact was in Workday Learning. “At a glance, our people leaders can now keep track of what learning modules their team is doing.”

For Lane, the Workday data security advantage was significant. “We can bring in that external data and report on it, then drill down and get the analytics from it, with confidence that the data remains secure.”

I’m grateful we chose Workday—the company shares our values and is passionate about delivering a true business outcome.

Senior Manager - Strategy and Portfolio Delivery

Speeding up financial reporting.

As an Australian publicly listed company, getting financial results out to investors correctly and on time is imperative. “Since deploying Workday, we’ve seen multiple efficiencies in our month-end processes,” says Sinclair. “It used to take more than a week, but now it’s just a few days. Workday has reduced the time it takes our finance teams to close the books.”

Empowered by data insights, greater collaboration, and faster processes, the foundation of Transurban’s business is now supported by Workday.

We’re confident that, no matter how far or fast we grow, Workday  will scale with us.

Senior Manager - Strategy and Portfolio Delivery

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