GenesisCare boosts HR efficiency and improves employee experience.

“Workday was the trailblazer for our transformation program. People now understand the process we go through and the value it delivers.”—Head of Transformation and Global PMO

Better utilization of HR teams

Improved ease of budgeting

Planning and forecasting tools, and actionable insights

Faster, more efficient recruitment processes

In a business with a strong value of caring for its employees, as well as its patients, GenesisCare was concerned that its manual HR processes couldn’t identify the number or location of its people. The business was planning a full transformation of its non-clinical processes, including: HR, finance, reporting, and budgeting. The aim was to drive efficiencies and improve data to support strategic decision-making.

Before, we actually didn’t know how many people worked for us. Now, every single person—permanent, fixed term, contract—is in Workday.

Head of Transformation and Global PMO

Global solution with a young, innovative, and mobile experience. 

“We were looking for a HR system that would work across the globe. We needed a world-recognized, tier one system that we could grow with,” says Head of Transformation and Global PMO, Alison Tweedale. 

“Workday absolutely came out as the unequivocal leader. Workday had a very different approach – not just in their response to the RFP process, but also in the way the system would be deployed. Plus it integrated well with our existing systems.” 

Alison says GenesisCare also selected Workday because of the look and feel of the applications. “We wanted to see how they worked on a mobile or an iPad. Would executives find them easy to use? We loved the young, innovative feel, which really fits well with GenesisCare.”

Using visualization to support COVID response. 

As it responded to the pandemic, GenesisCare relied heavily on Workday to adapt its team structures. “Like many companies, at the beginning of shutdown in Australia, we had to make the difficult decision to remove some people from the business,” explains Alison. 

“Because Workday offers a very graphical representation of the team structures, it was easy to see what the impacts would be in changing team structures. Restructuring in a very pictorial manner is much easier than if you’re writing it down for someone. People just don’t have that view of what the end result will look like. Workday made it much easier for team leaders to work out whether they had the right complement of skills and staff, and whether their budget could accommodate the team’s total remuneration.”

With Workday, you know the information is there. There’s a real comfort level from the accuracy of the data.

Head of Transformation and Global PMO

Removing budgeting and forecasting pain points.

GenesisCare chose the Workday Adaptive Planning application to turbocharge its budgeting and forecasting capabilities, valuing the application’s interactive dashboards, data visualizations, and charts that are easy to create, personalize, and share. 

“When I joined the company in 2016, the budgeting process was legendary for the pain that it caused with all the Excel sheets generated and the length of time it went on,” recalls Alison. “Now, we use Workday Adaptive Planning to manage that process, and it’s entirely different. You don’t hear about the pain of budgeting anymore as it now integrates real-time data for a more optimal planning process. It’s now a much more streamlined part of our business. That whole drama and dread around the arrival of the budget period has largely disappeared.”

Saving the time and cost of recruitment. 

Constantly expanding and growing through acquisitions, GenesisCare is in a continual state of recruitment. Having recently deployed Workday Recruiting, the company has discovered a faster, lower-cost means of attracting top talent. 

“Workday makes us much more self-sufficient. We can push our job adverts out automatically, to Seek or LinkedIn, really quickly. It means we can have a much smaller in-house team performing a more efficient role, allowing people to operate in higher value roles than they could have before we implemented the recruitment module.”

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