gategroup gains greater HR agility to adapt to change.

With Workday, gategroup enables HR to support rapid change across the organization as business opportunities arise.

Real-time insights 

Consistent HR processes worldwide

Self-service functionality

Improved recruiting processes

With a workforce spread across 60 countries—including many contractors and seasonal employees—gategroup was tackling the challenges associated with complex and fragmented human resources (HR) systems. The company realized that if it wanted to remain competitive and respond to customers’ ever-changing demands, it needed an agile HR system that would enable quick decision-making.

Thanks to the Workday Power of One approach, we now have all the data in a single secure system, providing us with reliable information at any time and helping us to make better business decisions.

Global Director for Rewards, Mobility, HR Systems, and Analytics

A unified data core.

With more than 50 HR systems throughout its global offices, gategroup wanted to move all its workforce data into one place. When it compared software providers, it realized that not only was the Workday user experience better, but also that Workday applications would allow the company to go completely paperless. 

gategroup chose Workday Learning to bring together several disparate systems. Tijani Djaziri, global director for rewards, mobility, HR systems, and analytics at gategroup, explains, “We decided on Workday Learning because we currently have a number of systems live. We want to standardize them, and from the demos we’ve seen, Workday Learning looks intuitive and highly configurable to our needs.”

A new way of working. 

With full control of its workforce, gategroup can make more-informed business decisions. Marco Levanti, global HR information system senior manager at gategroup, says, “Our executives can access all the dashboards and use the mobile app whenever they want because it’s quick, intuitive, and user-friendly. It allows our management to make fast decisions.” 

What’s more, with Workday it’s simple to scale up and integrate a company when gategroup acquires it. Marco adds, “It’s easy to add new people and countries, and because all the data is in one system, we can accelerate decision-making. From a business perspective, we’re much more agile than we used to be.”

With Workday, we speak the same language. The system has enabled all our HR departments across the globe to have the same data, KPIs, and business processes.

Global Director for Rewards, Mobility, HR Systems, and Analytics

Efficient processes for a growing business. 

Workday has allowed gategroup to standardize the way it works globally. Due to the company’s fast growth through a merger and number of acquisitions, it had previously struggled with a fragmented landscape consisting of several systems. But now, because the data is in one place and all the business processes are already embedded into Workday, manual administrative tasks are reduced to the bare minimum. 

Tijani says, “Thanks to Workday, we can run monthly reports with more KPIs than ever before. Previously, we couldn’t see the turnover trends by type of turnover. Having this information helps us to understand the issues we need to focus on to improve the business.”

The fact that we have Workday helps our HR departments deliver their services in a better, faster, and more efficient way.

Global Director for Rewards, Mobility, HR Systems, and Analytics

Faster recruiting. 

gategroup has rolled out Workday Recruiting in the U.S. and Canada, and it has decided to expand the deployment globally. Marco says, “I think Workday Recruiting is one of the best Workday applications. We recruit around 7,000 employees a year, so reducing the time to hire is a huge cost and efficiency advantage. The biggest benefit for us is having everyone working in one system. For the first time in our history, we have complete workforce control.”

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