CapTech optimizes consultant performance with better analytics.

“We’ve increased our value to our business and leadership teams with the insights and analytics Workday provides.”—Chief Financial Officer

Better project insight and optimization

Improved analytics and reporting

Enhanced coaching culture with 360° feedback

Anytime, anywhere mobile access

As a fast-growing IT consulting firm, CapTech wanted to optimize consultant deployments, improve performance management, and boost visibility into HR utilization and financials.

But CapTech’s systems—some completely disconnected—spawned data silos. Data quality and governance were poor, reporting was difficult, and many of the processes were manual. Overall, the employee experience needed to be vastly improved.

We had a mishmash of systems that couldn’t provide the foundation for our high-growth company.

Chief Financial Officer

A cloud-based, fully secure, and integrated system.

CapTech’s revenue-generating consultants are always on the go. The company valued how cloud-based Workday supported their mobility with a highly secure, full integration of Workday Financial Management, Workday Human Capital Management, and Workday Professional Services Automation. “We liked the cloud-first, highly integrated architecture of Workday as well as its rock-solid security model,” says Chief Financial Officer, Heather Long.

The analytics, reporting, and dashboarding capabilities of Workday were attractive, too. With these tools, CapTech’s finance team could give executive and line management real-time visibility into organizational and individual performance, so they could make better informed decisions. “We saw the potential in Workday dashboards, and we really valued it being an all-in-one system,” Long adds.

Provides comprehensive dashboards.

CapTech started with a capacity utilization dashboard so management could gain better visibility into client projects and consultant deployments. This enabled executives to receive valuable project insights that helped to ensure they could optimize CapTech’s workforce by best matching skills with client requirements.

The company then created dashboards for views of corporate and office operations that expedited their adoption by users as the value of their real-time data visualizations became apparent to all levels of the company. Data silos are gone, replaced with a single source of truth. As a result, CapTech’s finance group can facilitate data-driven decision-making across the organization.

Improves performance management.

By combining insights from Workday, CapTech executives can compare consultant performance across industries and projects whenever desired. “Now our leadership can immediately see all the information they want,” says Kirk Stepp, director, Enterprise Applications.

Additionally, consultants can better track their project time, expenses, and company contacts from wherever they are, at any time, and on any device. 

With anywhere, anytime access, both leadership and consultants can more quickly and securely access relevant data without needing manual validations, boosting their productivity and saving time for the Finance group, which no longer has to provide reports.

Supports a coaching culture.

CapTech uses Workday to support its unique “coaching culture,” which focuses on employees’ professional development and growth via specific mentoring and development goals.

Enacting such a culture model depends on continuous 360-degree feedback and tracking of goals, which Workday enables, instead of time-consuming and often ineffective annual performance reviews. CapTech’s coaching-culture approach contributes to an 87 percent staff retention rate.

We wouldn’t have been able to do our coaching-culture rollout without Workday.

Director, Enterprise Applications

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