Make learning a part of your people’s everyday lives.

Learning dashboard showing required and recommended videos, as well as videos based on your interest.


Build the skills you need.

Develop your talent with engaging, interactive learning. Workday delivers rich, relevant content so your people can develop the skills they need and positively impact your business.

  • Learning in the flow of work
  • Personalised, curated content
  • Learning campaigns
  • Native to HCM
  • Built-in compliance
  • Real-time, actionable insights

“By using Workday, we can ensure all employees can advance their careers by gaining the right skills for what their roles and goals demand.” 

Two people sitting at their desks while learning on a mobile device.

Rich learning experiences, tailored to your teams.

Our system is much more than LMS software. We empower everyone, including external workers and instructors, to access learning from their HR system. If an employee is interested in a job, they can view required skills and find learning to help them get there.

Learning in the flow of work.

With Workday, learning is automatically surfaced in the worker’s journey, when and where they need it. So your teams can focus more on nurturing talent.

Personalised content.

We suggest content based on all the things we know about your people. This way, everyone gets learning that matters to them.

Campaigns to guide career development.

Tie learning to onboarding, management levels, promotions and more – so everyone can learn throughout their career.

Visibility to stay in compliance.

Drill into reports that tie talent, learning and people data together. If a required course is incomplete, you can take action in real time. 

Edit media dashboard showing the addition of an interactive component to a video lesson.

Video learning that everyone will love.

Make it interactive.

Add fun interactions, such as multiple-choice questions or text answers to videos, so people can retain what they’ve learned.

Improve accessibility for all.

Automatically transcribe videos, enhancing in-video search and empowering all types of learners.

A world of content, all in the cloud.

Workday Content Cloud allows you to connect with the world’s best publishers, without ever leaving Workday. We’ll even manage vendor integrations so you can focus on what’s important.

Store and stream unlimited content.

Create rich course catalogues and learning plans.

Integrate with third-party content providers.

Surface third-party content next to your own.

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