Streamlined reporting makes a game-changing difference to operations.

The legacy system required IT support and lacked robust reporting.

Like many public higher education institutions, Montclair State University needed a financial performance solution that can adjust with the changing tide of state government budgets; the legacy on-premises solution they were using required programmers to create annual update reports. The intuitive interface of Workday Adaptive Planning made the game-changing difference to university operations. The finance team slashed the overall timeframe for compiling board reports from one week to a few seconds. Workday Adaptive Planning’ capabilities allowed for various planning and reporting models, yet, brought together multiple sources of data for a single version of truth, putting the university’s finance team back in control of producing meaningful reports.

Since we’re a state university, our budget stands in line with the state’s budget. With Workday Adaptive Planning, we have the capability to create various models, including financial, planning and reporting.

Financial Systems Manager


  • Limited functions in legacy system hindered ability for departments to track budgets

  • Weeklong process to build a monthly board management report in a spreadsheet

  • Government funding varied according to political and economic climate


  • Quick implementation of software without IT support

  • Nimble reporting that adapts to funding allocation from the state government

  • Expanded capabilities to create various models, including financial, planning and course reporting

When I think about Workday Adaptive Planning, what really makes me smile is the reporting capabilities. There are so many other capabilities, but that really has been the huge game changer.

Financial Systems Manager

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