Your People. Our AI. Call it the dream team.

At Workday, AI & machine learning (ML) are at the core of our platform. And as part of your workflow, they're powering intelligent predictions and automation like no one else can. 


Office of the CHRO.

Find out how AI consumes vast amounts of skills data to help HR teams staff, attract, and retain talent at scale.

Read about the research on embracing the future of work.


Embracing the future of work.

We surveyed finance, IT, and HR leaders around the world about the future of artificial intelligence and machine learning in business. Read the reports to see their thoughts on key trends and themes surrounding AI.

AI and ML Adoption in the APJ Region: Australia - Investment on the Rise

CHRO AI Indicator Report: A Vision for Strategic Value


Increase productivity. Reduce risk.

Embedded AI.

Workday AI is at the very core of our platform so teams can use them as part of their natural workflow.

Thoughtful approach.

We apply machine learning and generative AI where they are best suited to provide the most value.

Leading skills foundation.

Only Workday empowers organizations to take a skills-based approach at every step of the talent lifecycle.

Rich, high-quality data.

With 65M+ users on our platform, our AI models are learning from the largest set of quality financial and HR data, period.

Hybrid large language models (LLMs).

We blend our LLMs and data with trusted third-party LLMs to create robust, dependable solutions.

Responsible AI.

Ethics, customer trust, and emerging global regulation drive everything we do with AI and ML.

Explainable AI.

We’re transparent about our AI design, and customers always control whether their data is used to train our models.

Human-centric approach.

Our AI helps teams be more productive while keeping them in control of all decisions.

“Workday’s use of AI and ML is powering intelligent services that help us support our people, build capability in future skills, and provide that powerful user experience.” 

—Chief People Officer, Elders

Our approach to trust.

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