Major university ends its paper chase

With better HR, timekeeping, and payroll data, University of Washington administrators have better visibility and can make better decisions.

Boosts efficiency and control of HR and payroll processes

Saves 2,000 hours a month tracking staff time and leaves

Improves visibility to support data-driven decision-making 

Shifts focus from transactions to customer satisfaction


The University of Washington’s nearly 40-year-old HR and payroll system couldn’t keep up with growing needs. Outdated manual, paper-based processes and disparate systems were inefficient.


While dramatically improving the efficiency and control of its HR and payroll operations, the university also found the needed visibility to help administrators make better, more informed decisions driven by data. 


Process automation and configuration remove manual bottlenecks.

By automating time and attendance workflows with Workday, manual forms are history at UW. This saves management and HR the time spent signing them. Payroll is simplified, too. “We couldn’t have worked remotely during the pandemic without our automated processes,” says Karen Matheson, director of Workday Cross Application Services.


hours a month saved tracking staff time and leaves

Data accuracy better informs decision-making, ensures compliance.

More accurate data from one secure source with easy visualization in graphic dashboards provides administrators with data to improve decisions. Workday Prism Analytics helps identify data trends, improving visibility and the ability to act on the insights. “When our state government required vaccination reporting, we were ready,” says Matheson.


seconds needed to render data visualization

Improved system controls foster customer focus.

With better system controls and fewer manual processes, UW is shifting from a transaction-centered model to a more customer-centric one that positively affects the daily lives and needs of faculty and staff. This means more precise HR classifications and cleaner data to support UW’s diverse communities and their needs.

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