Overstock improves employee engagement with interactive learning.

“Workday Learning was the way to go. We continue to grow our return on investment and really love the partnership we’ve had with Workday.”—HRIS Manager


increase in associates accessing the system


more content viewed in Workday Learning vs. old system


new courses created within 2 months of go-live


increase in courses completed per user


Stale and lengthy training content presented challenges for the Overstock Learning team in how to boost already low levels of employee engagement across offerings.

Why Workday.

Workday gave Overstock the user-centric approach to learning it needed—including video and mobile capabilities—to help attract and retain employees. The company also benefited from an easily supported system that enabled more nimble project execution by the broader team.

Benefits and results.

Organizational development.

Overstock saw improved effectiveness and greater focus on learning initiatives through targeted and event-based campaigns, including learning for new manager promotions. Video sharing helped extend the reach of company meetings, CEO messages, and overall ideas about company culture.


increase in associates accessing the system


more content viewed in Workday Learning vs. old system

User experience.

A consumer-grade interface eliminated system training. The authoring tool created a peer-to-peer learning environment and encouraged collaboration through video comment boards. With Workday, Overstock improved the onboarding experience through a mix of video and instructor-led training (ILT), and content stays up-to-date thanks to configured notifications to content owners.

Created 100 new courses within 2 months of go-live

Reduced overhead for content creation

Process automation and configuration.

Learning is now more streamlined with an easy-to-use interface, event-based campaigns, notifications, and reporting. The expanded use of video helps maximize workforce reach and better leverage the benefits of instructor-led training.

More content consumed in less time by employees

Increased courses fully completed per user by 133%

Decreased minutes of learning per user by 13%

Systems consolidation and flexibility.

With Workday, Overstock avoided significant content purchasing and development costs, and reduced time to create content. Heavy integration work between HCM-LMS has almost been eliminated, allowing for seamless data flow between worker profiles and LMS records.

Eliminated support bottleneck

Moved from 1 system expert to 10+ members managing content

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