Time and absence

Spend your time working, not tracking

Reduce labour costs. Minimise compliance risks. Increase workforce productivity. Do all this and more with Workday Time Tracking.

Gain a holistic view with a unified HCM, time tracking, and absence management solution.

Reduce labour costs by analysing overtime trends across global locations.

Manage more effectively with visibility into your team’s time.

Built for efficiency

Increase efficiency with an intuitive, mobile-optimised application that allows both employees and managers to take action wherever they are.

  • Allow employees to easily enter their time from any device, anywhere.
  • Approve time on the go with all the data you need to support your decision.
  • Alert managers quickly when attention is needed.

Simplified architecture

Workday Time Tracking simplifies global workforce management by configuring workflows, processes, and work rules in a single, consumer-driven application.

  • Unified with Workday Human Capital Management, Payroll, and Projects, Workday Time Tracking provides consistency and improves workforce productivity by automating your workforce management processes.
  • Configure time tracking to meet your organisation’s unique needs with a rules-based engine.
  • Use configurable workflows to make sure the right people are in the know.
  • Workday Time Tracking automates your organisation’s workforce management processes by giving managers the ability to quickly view and approve time entry requests as well as identify and resolve issues with minimal effort.

Insightful outcomes

Control labour costs and compliance risks through seamless integration with Workday Human Capital Management and Payroll.

  • Drive smarter demand-based hiring based on need.
  • Reduce costly liability of overtime with real-time analytics.
  • Protect your bottom line by hiring in the right locations.
  • View global trends across your business.

Streamlined time off and absence management

Workday Absence Management provides automation, visibility, and intuitive self-service to manage your global time-off and absence policies.

  • Track and report time-off requests, balances, and accruals with seamless unification to Workday Time Tracking and Workday Payroll.
  • Automate rules and calculations to create a consistent language of absence functions across your organisation.
  • Give employees an intuitive calendar interface to check and request time off from any device.
  • Empower managers with delivered reports and the ability to track their employee population across various leave types.

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