A single system for people, business resources, and work.

With Workday Projects, you can plan, staff, track, manage, and analyse projects including labour and costs, to drive your organisation’s initiatives.

Drill down on any device to demystify project data – like what line of business accounts for the greatest budget versus actual variances – and view talent, operational, and financial data in a single, unified system.

Easily view incoming customer contracts, required project skills, and unstaffed billable hours to help prioritise critical projects and understand potential revenue and resource needs.

View real-time insights on a project’s progress, costs, and spend. Manage the related project plan, resource plan, and risks.

Successful teams. Profitable projects. Happy customers.

Workday Projects gives you insight into making a team or project successful, improving profitability, and driving business efficiencies. Managers can plan and deliver capital, billable, or internal projects such as IT and R&D initiatives, as well as projects that have capitalised costs, making for satisfied customers both internally and externally. Workday Projects is seamlessly unified with the entire suite of Workday applications.

  • Maximise profitability by aligning projects and work plans with your organisation’s strategic goals and talent.
  • Enable project managers to forecast demand, create project budgets, and plan work with resource pools, work plans, and project hierarchies.
  • Manage global project timelines, milestones, and status updates from any device at any time.
  • Get real-time visibility into talent, project, operational, and financial data and analytics, with superior reporting and insights at the point of decision.
  • Drive greater project efficiency and alignment by ensuring that all employees operate from a single source of truth in the cloud.

Staff projects with advanced resource forecasting and management.

Enable resource managers to define their desired role and shop for talent within or outside of their organisation – with full visibility into worker availability and performance.

  • Streamline resource allocation with advanced resource forecasting.
  • Use Workday Financial Management Connector for Salesforce for early visibility into preclosed or preapproved projects to support rapid resource assignment.
  • Use skills profiles and dynamic resource pools to staff contingent or full-time talent based on skills, competencies, job profile, past project performance, and more.
  • Improve resource utilisation by using faceted search to find project assignments for resources on the bench.

Go global. Go mobile.

Empower your global, mobile workforce with flexible reporting and actionable analytics. Out-of-the-box reports and dashboards are tailored to project and resource managers, LOB managers, and your accounting team for complete visibility into project profitability, costs, and utilisation metrics.

  • Tie human capital cost and impact to actual business results.
  • Easily view and act on key project analytics, including resource demand, utilisation, project status, costs, budget, and revenues.
  • Improve user adoption and enable your on-the-go workforce with always-current project data, expense reports, and time entry on their preferred mobile device.

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